Equinix embraces the cloud by enabling enterprise-ready services and reducing the assessment time for new services by 90%

Skyhigh helps us quickly discover cloud services in use, analyze what's right for us as a company, and take control of our enterprise.
Brian Lillie
 Chief Information Officer

Equinix Embraces the Cloud


As a company, Equinix has embraced the use of cloud services and has allowed employees to adopt online tools to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. Chief Information Officer Brian Lillie has been at the forefront of this change, identifying early that the “CI-no” approach of blocking cloud services would not work. IT needed a way to become the chief enabler of the business. However, they had no visibility into exactly which cloud services were being used by employees. To discover cloud services being used, the information security team had to pore over log files because existing log management tools were focused on cyber attacks, not cloud service risk.


Equinix selected the Skyhigh Cloud Security Manager to discover the true scope of its cloud services footprint. Within minutes, Skyhigh discovered more than 400 cloud services in use, including many IT had not been aware were in use or even existed. Skyhigh provided an objective rating of enterprise readiness for each service, allowing the information security team led by George Do to cut down the time needed to approve a new cloud service by 90 percent. Equinix also gained actionable intelligence about data leakage in the cloud so they could take action to protect corporate data.

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