Product Overview

Skyhigh Cloud Security Manager enables IT to embrace and accelerate the adoption of cloud services while ensuring privacy, security, and compliance

Enable the Cloud Adoption Lifecycle

Skyhigh supports the entire cloud adoption lifecycle, providing unparalleled visibility, usage analytics, and policy enforcement. You can empower employees to use cloud services that help you grow the business while ensuring compliance with your organization’s data privacy, security, and governance policies.

Enable the Cloud Adoption Lifecycle


Get a comprehensive view into your cloud usage and an objective CloudTrust™ Rating to identify services that are enterprise-ready as well as data, business, and legal risks of each service.

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Identify usage patterns to enable new cloud services, better manage subscriptions, and highlight anomalous activity that may indicate a security breach, data leak, or compliance violation.

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Transparently enforce policies such as encryption, data loss prevention, contextual access control, and enable frictionless mobile-to-cloud access to cloud services.

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Only Skyhigh

  • CloudRisk Dashboard

    Provides an executive dashboard that quantifies cloud risk, compares it across peers and departments, and offers recommendations to take action and reduce risk.



  • Mobile-to-Cloud

    Skyhigh requires no device agent, browser plugin, footprint, or download, enabling secure mobile-to-cloud access without introducing any friction to the end-user experience.

  • 200+ Enterprises

    Skyhigh is proven globally in over 200 enterprises. Customers include Aetna, Cisco, Clorox, DirecTV, Royal Bank of Canada, Steelcase, Western Union, and Zurich.

Solutions By Provider

Skyhigh for Salesforce

Skyhigh for Salesforce provides structured data encryption, data discovery (anomaly detection and live log), and mobile-to-cloud access control capabilities, enabling organizations to meet the most stringent data residency and compliance requirements. 


Skyhigh for Box

Skyhigh for Box extends your existing data loss prevention investments to documents in Box, transparently enforcing your internal policies and external regulatory requirements without adding any friction to the end-user experience.

Skyhigh for Jive

Skyhigh for Jive enforces data loss prevention policies and performs selective encryption, ensuring you meet internal policies and external regulatory requirements while maintaining the Jive experience your users love.



Skyhigh for ServiceNow

Skyhigh for ServiceNow helps organizations meet compliance and cross-border data privacy requirements for sensitive information via encryption and detects anomalous activity indicative of a security breach or insider threat.

Skyhigh for Google Drive

Skyhigh for Google Drive delivers data loss prevention (DLP), mobile-to-cloud support, application auditing, data discovery, and anomaly detection without changing the Google Drive experience users love.