Skyhigh Discover

Gain complete visibility into all cloud services in use and an objective risk assessment across data, business, and legal risk


How it Works

identify cloud

Identify usage and risk of all cloud services

Skyhigh discovers all cloud services in use across the organization and provides a rating of enterprise readiness for each service so you can assess your cloud risk.

enable enforcement

Enable consistent policy enforcement

Skyhigh gives you actionable insights into miscategorized services that go unnoticed by firewalls or proxies and helps you accurately enforce your egress policies.

reduce time

Reduce the time to evaluate cloud service security by 90%

Skyhigh provides the most comprehensive and constantly updated assessment of security controls for thousands of cloud services to slash approval and onboarding time.

Complete Overview

Gain a complete view of cloud usage

Skyhigh discovers all cloud services in use, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS services. View access count, upload and download volume, the number of users, and allow/deny statistics for each service and for each user.

Comprehensive registry of cloud services

Skyhigh CloudRegistry™ delivers a comprehensive registry of thousands of cloud services, including services uncategorized by firewalls and proxies. Skyhigh classifies each service into 30+ categories and new cloud services are added every month. 

cloud registry
CloudTrust Score

Understand the enterprise readiness of each service

Skyhigh assigns an objective CloudTrust™ Rating derived from over 50 attributes developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). These attributes span data, user/device, service, business, and legal categories, enabling data-driven usage policies. Users can adjust weights by category or by attribute to customize ratings per their organization’s security and compliance requirements.

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Identify and close gaps in policy enforcement

Identify and close gaps in policy enforcement

Skyhigh allow/deny analytics reveal gaps in existing policy enforcement due to inconsistent policies across egress devices, exception sprawl, and new cloud service URLs. By comparing access with approved web exceptions, you can ensure exceptions are properly managed and close gaps in enforcement coverage.

operational intelligence

Gain operational insight at a glance

Skyhigh visually summarizes usage statistics in easy-to-understand dashboards including the number of cloud services in use, high-risk services, data movement, access count, and usage over time. Users can browse via clickable facets to navigate by date range, category, risk level, device type, and approved/unapproved services.

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"With Skyhigh we discovered a wide range of services, allowing us to understand their associated risks and put in place policies to protect corporate data."

- Desmond Murray, Sr. Director of Information Systems Read Case Study
Leverage your existing infrastructure investments

Leverage your existing infrastructure investments

Skyhigh analyzes logs from firewalls, web proxies, SIEMs, and log aggregation products, enhancing the value of your existing investments. 

Meet all privacy requirements for log data

Meet all privacy requirements for log data

Skyhigh tokenizes all sensitive networking and personally identifiable information before uploading log data to the cloud, satisfying stringent security and privacy requirements including the EU Data Protection Directive and Australia Privacy Amendment Act.


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