Our vision is to make cloud the most secure environment for business

What we believe

Data is the most valuable asset today

Information is the most valuable asset in today’s world. Even in traditional industries, organizations that harness data achieve better results and sustained competitive advantage.

People do their best work without friction

Employees do their best work when security stays out of the way – that means no software to install and no impact to the way they work in cloud services.

Organizations using cloud accelerate their businesses

The cloud is leading a transformational shift in the way business is conducted, resulting in faster time to market, greater agility, improved productivity, and lower cost.

End users can create solutions, not just problems

Most employees want to do the right thing, and with coaching to correct unintended security and compliance mistakes they can become a part of the solution without IT chasing them down.

A mission
worth fighting for

McAfee enables organizations to accelerate their business by providing total control over data and user activity across cloud services.

This is what gets us out of bed and drives what we do. The cloud offers a unique opportunity for enterprises and we think security can be the biggest driver rather than the biggest barrier to cloud adoption. With the centralized resources cloud service providers dedicate to the security of their platforms, cloud is in many ways more secure than the average enterprise’s datacenter to intrusion. But platform security is only half of the shared responsibility model.

Enterprises are responsible for how they use cloud services. But today’s security is designed for the network and devices, not the cloud. McAfee gives enterprises the tools they need to protect data and users in real time across all cloud services without introducing any friction to the user experience. With total control over their data and activities, enterprises can confidently leverage cloud to accelerate their business. It’s security that accelerates business.

Our Data

Security Vision

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