Creative Artists Agency

Creative Artists Agency leverages Skyhigh's operational intelligence to provide better service and create value for the business

Skyhigh has really helped us provide better service and crystalize my thoughts around the cloud adoption lifecycle.
Michael Keithley
 Chief Information Officer

CAA Proactively Enables Cloud Services


Creative Artists Agency understands the value cloud brings to the business. CIO Michael Keithley has adopted a strategy that allows employees to use cloud services while leveraging operational intelligence from Skyhigh to monitor usage and ensure corporate data is secure. “One of the great things about Skyhigh is I can change my approach from one of blocking to one of detection and response,” says Keithley.


Using Skyhigh, CAA has discovered the cloud services in use across their organization, analyzed their associated risk, and offered more secure services. With knowledge about the risk of a cloud services, the company can steer users to low-risk services. Their innovative approach to cloud is rooted in Kiethley’s view that “if you embrace not just cloud services but all these disruptive technologies you can really move the needle when it comes to creating value for the business.”