DIRECTV enforces security and compliance policies across cloud services that improve productivity and reduce time to market

Mike Benson

Chief Information Officer

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Security is extremely important to us. Skyhigh helps us from a PCI perspective and it’s definitely helped us break legal barriers that we had in utilizing cloud.
Mike Benson
 Chief Information Officer

DIRECTV Enforces Security and Compliance Policies


While cloud services offered the promise of making DIRECTV more agile and nimble, their use meant sensitive data would be stored outside the corporate perimeter. “It was challenging for us to go see how we would take certain applications and allow them to be outside our perimeter, especially with customer data and PCI compliance concerns,” says DIRECTV’s Chief Information Officer Mike Benson. In order to realize the cost benefits of mobile and cloud, the company needed to extend its security and compliance controls to data stored in the cloud. Moreover, the company knew employees were using cloud services on their own, and that those unsanctioned cloud services could present risk to the company’s data.


DIRECTV selected Cloud Security Manager to discover what cloud services were being used and assess the risk of each one, enabling a data-driven discussion around what services to enable. The company standardized on enterprise-ready services such as collaboration platform Jive and used Skyhigh to provide an additional layer of protection for sensitive data. “We have DLP for our endpoints and Skyhigh allows us to extend those outside our perimeter and into the cloud as well as to mobile devices,” explains Benson. With Skyhigh, DIRECTV also applied encryption to sensitive data based on policy while maintaining a seamless end user experience.