Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Torrance Memorial embraces the cloud to deliver better service to patients while meeting strict privacy and regulatory requirements

Skyhigh gave us the operational intelligence to enforce smarter policies, making IT an enabler of the cloud services that help us better serve our patients.
Todd Felker
 Infrastructure and Security Architect

Torrance Memorial Meets Security and Privacy Requirements


To improve its economies of scale, Torrance Memorial Medical Center grew rapidly over the last five years, acquiring new business entities and expanding its physician network. This produced network sprawl and rapidly grew the workforce. Both new and old employees at Torrance Memorial were using more and more cloud computing services. The backdrop for their expanded use of cloud services was strict regulations governing patient privacy and medical records. Todd Felker, Torrance Memorial’s Infrastructure and Security Architect, wanted to know exactly which services employees were using to ensure he could maintain high security and privacy standards.


Using Skyhigh, Torrance Memorial was able to discover over 200 cloud services in use that were previously unknown to IT. Skyhigh’s CloudTrust Rating and a comprehensive registry of thousands of cloud services enabled Felker and his team to quickly assess the risk associated with each service and receive notifications when the risk profile of a service changed. Skyhigh is very easy to use and they were able to effectively manage cloud security risks from a single dashboard managed by a single employee using only a small portion of their workday. As new services came into use they had constant monitoring enabling them to craft and enforce smarter policies.