Western Union

Western Union takes a user-centric approach to securely enabling cloud services that help employees be more productive

We’re seeing both costs and risk go down as a result of our work with Skyhigh.
Mike Bartholomy
 Senior Manager of Information Security

Western Union Takes a User-Centric Security Approach


Western Union’s IT security team realized early that simply blocking cloud applications would not be effective. “We could have played Whack-a-Mole, but we knew that that wouldn’t be the best use of our limited resources, or provide the best experience for the end-user,” said Mike Bartholomy, Senior Manager of Information Security. The company needed to understand how its employees were leveraging the cloud, not only to secure corporate data but also to better enable the business with cloud services that improve productivity without sacrificing security. The company also needed a way to streamline the identification and assessment of cloud services that met their security and compliance requirements.


Western Union deployed Skyhigh Cloud Security Manager to understand its employees’ cloud usage and assess the enterprise-readiness of cloud services. Integrating with the company’s existing firewalls, Skyhigh coaches users when they visit high-risk services, displaying a customized message ushering users toward enterprise-ready alternatives. Employees have access to a wide range of services they want to use, while the company meets it security and compliance requirements. “If you’re getting ahead of them and giving employees best-of-breed technologies, then IT becomes the hero,” says David Levin, Director of Information Security.