Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

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Cloud-Native: the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Adoption and Risk Report

In this report we compared 1,000 enterprise organizations along with real-world cloud use, and uncovered the rise of Cloud-Native Breaches, disconnect between security, practitioners and their leadership, and the state of multi-cloud adoption.

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Cloud Adoption & Risk Report Business Growth Edition

In our first special edition of the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, we surveyed 1,000 enterprises and analyzed data from billions of anonymized real-world cloud events to show how businesses are achieving growth with the cloud. We uncover what leading companies are doing to accelerate growth ahead of the rest and the hurdles they’ve overcome to get there.

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Cloud Adoption & Risk Report 2019

Based on findings from actual usage data from over 30 million users worldwide, in this report, we identify the types of sensitive data stored in cloud services, how that data is shared within organizations and with outside partners, and how risky employee behavior can expose data.

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Office 365 Adoption and Risk Report

Download the report with usage statistics on Office 365 adoption and common security challenges faced by enterprises.

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