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Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

Cloud Adoption & Risk Report Q4 2016

Based on findings from actual usage data from over 30 million users worldwide, in this report, we identify the types of sensitive data stored in cloud services, how that data is shared within organizations and with outside partners, and how risky employee behavior can expose data.

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Hard data on the top cloud services and their risks

The average company uses 1,427 cloud services, which is more than 10 times more than IT expects. Employee-led cloud adoption is transforming the enterprise, and the average person now uses 28 cloud apps regularly. In the 8th quarterly cloud report, we cover the top 20 enterprise cloud services, the top 20 consumer services making inroads in the enterprise, the fastest growing services, and the top 10 high-risk cloud services your company may want to block.

What makes this report unique is that we base our findings on anonymized usage data of over 30 million users from over 600 enterprises that are using Skyhigh CASB, rather than surveys that ask people to self-report their behavior. For the first time, we’ve quantified how companies connect to business partners via the cloud – the type of partners that attackers exploited in the $148 million Target breach. We also detail an emerging class of cloud service hyperconnectors and well-connected “super partners” that are driving the cloud economy, as well as the riskiest types of partners that need closer attention.

Our report has also found that Office 365 is now the most used cloud service at enterprises, overtaking Salesforce. Despite concerns around cloud security, Office 365 security does not seem to be holding back companies from rapidly adopting Microsoft’s cloud offering.