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Avoid Misconfiguration of Public Custom Shared Links in the Cloud

By now, you may have heard that security researchers uncovered ways by which someone could gain unintended access to public,...

By Sree Chalasani | March 21, 2019

McAfee Contributes to Secure Cloud Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Collaboration at work has evolved beyond email. Cloud applications allow teams to communicate in real-time, efficiently share information, collaborate on...

By Lianne Caetano | March 19, 2019

Cloud Security Governance, Risk and Compliance

Protecting against cyberthreats and the whole cybersecurity landscape is changing fast, with new threats and vulnerabilities appearing daily. Gartner’s 2019...

By Nigel Hawthorn | March 14, 2019

RSA 2019 – Connecting CASB to Your Ecosystem of Security and Apps

The RSA conference is an expanse of innovation, networking, and insight through countless conversations we’re able to have with customers...

By Daniel Flaherty | March 12, 2019

CASB as a Platform – Our Latest Integrated Technology

The business transformation that we’ve seen cloud applications fuel over the past few years is inspiring, and continues to drive...

By Thyaga | March 7, 2019

The Key to a Secure Digital Transformation Is Data Insight

The pressure is on for IT leadership to guide their organizations through digital transformation. Cloud services compose the modern toolbox...

By Rajiv Gupta | March 5, 2019

Do You DLP? Understanding the Difference Between Content Awareness and Contextual Analysis

Data can be both an asset and a liability. As enterprises evolve, the volume and complexity of data required to...

By Lianne Caetano | February 26, 2019

Forrester Ranks CASB Vendors in Wave Report

Forrester, a leading independent research firm in the field of cybersecurity, recently published its second Wave report on cloud security...

By Lianne Caetano | February 20, 2019
Information Technology (IT) and Line of Business leaders

Cloud Security as a Service for IT and Line of Business (LOB) Leaders

As a business grows, different security risks arise which demands for different solutions. What worked a year ago might not...

By Nigel Hawthorn | February 19, 2019

Cloud Security Risks– It’s not black and white

The people writing software for self-driving cars are having difficulties. Telling a car to stop at a red light is...

By Nigel Hawthorn | February 8, 2019

Mitch Greenfield Recognized as Cybersecurity Rising Star by SC Media

Mitchell Greenfield is the associate director of enterprise information protection at Humana and was recently recognized in SC Media’s Reboot...

By Mia Prickett | January 31, 2019

When Sharing isn’t Caring – Secure Your Cloud Collaboration

Our data lives in the cloud, and as we learned in our latest Cloud Adoption & Risk Report, nearly a...

By Lianne Caetano | January 22, 2019

McAfee Named a January 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)

The McAfee team is thrilled to announce today that for the second year in a row McAfee’s MVISION Cloud (formerly...

By Mia Prickett | January 17, 2019

Cloud Computing Security Risks Breakdown

The use of cloud services is ubiquitous—we’ve seen this rise over the past decade to the point where many of...

By Lianne Caetano | January 2, 2019

Enhancing AWS Security Hub with McAfee MVISION Cloud

At AWS re:Invent 2018, Amazon Web Services announced AWS Security Hub; a tool designed to aggregate, organize, and prioritize alerts...

By Nicholas Shelly | December 3, 2018

Women Are the Future of Cloud Security

In 2017, the Women in Cybersecurity Survey Report noted that only 11% of cybersecurity jobs are held by women. Of...

By Leah Dekalb | November 7, 2018

CASB Magic Quadrant 2018 Has Arrived – McAfee Named a Leader

Six years ago, Gartner coined the term “Cloud Access Security Broker” or CASB as they recognized the meteoric rise of...

By Ajmal Kohgadai | November 1, 2018

5 Key Findings from 2019 Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

Cloud services are now a vital part of corporate life, bringing a momentous opportunity to accelerate business through their ability...

By Ajmal Kohgadai | October 29, 2018

McAfee MVISION Cloud – the Evolution of the Skyhigh CASB Service

Skyhigh Networks has now been a part of McAfee for the better part of a year and we continue to innovate and stay true to our mission to help our customers make the cloud their most secure environment for business.

By Rajiv Gupta | October 17, 2018

Innovating Data Loss Prevention: From Device to Cloud

Extending enterprise DLP policies to the cloud for a seamless unified data protection experience, don’t miss out on the latest integration between McAfee MVISION Endpoint DLP and MVISION Cloud DLP.

By Sree Chalasani | October 17, 2018