In our professional lives, we all seek to make more data-driven decisions. We know that logical choices made with complete information yield better results than those based on conjecture or suspicion. To that end, Skyhigh today released the fifth edition of our “Cloud Adoption and Risk (CARR) Report” that provides key metrics pertaining to the use of cloud in the enterprise. This report has become the de-facto data source on cloud adoption and risk for those enabling (IT), securing (Security), using (Employees), analyzing (Analysts), and covering (Journalists) cloud in the enterprise.

Cold, hard data

What makes this report unique in the industry is that it’s based on hard, empirical data from over 600 companies. Rather than relying on surveys alone that show only what people think is happening, we base our findings on actual, anonymized usage data collected from over 27 million employees throughout the world…and the findings are quite surprising.

Cloud Adoption & Risk Report

Based on data from over 27 million users, the definitive guide on cloud usage trends and risks.

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