“What surviving companies do is get market transitions right” said John Chambers at BoxWorks 2015. “Our competitors from 20 years ago? None of them exist. We believed that the internet would completely transform the industry… we were lucky to emerge from every transition stronger than ever.” As BoxWorks 2016 draws closer, discussion is abuzz about another type of transformation. This time, enterprises are transitioning away from legacy IT applications to cloud services so they can provide employees with increased flexibility, productivity, and security.

“Their legacy technology is making them insecure.” said Box CEO Aaron Levie earlier this year at the Morgan Stanley technology conference, when talking about why customers are moving to Box. In its most recent fiscal earnings, Box announced over 4,000 new paying customers, including Uber and Pfizer, bringing its total customer base to 66,000 businesses. Security is a key reason why these companies have adopted Box, as it provides a secure infrastructure as well as capabilities such as records retention, which enable companies to adhere to compliance and industry-specific regulations.

Security @ BoxWorks 2016

Security is a key tenet of Box’s solution and at their annual user conference . BoxWorks brings together industry experts from all over the world to talk about how enterprises can deliver collaboration securely, especially with respect to the cloud. An average enterprise now uses 1,154 cloud services which includes 61 file sharing services such as Box. An analysis of the documents uploaded to file sharing services showed that a total of 7.6% of documents contained confidential data such as financial records, business plans, source code, and trading algorithms. Much of the discussion at BoxWorks is likely to center around how companies can adopt cloud services such as Box while maintaining productivity and usability. To help you engage in some of these discussions and make the best of your time at BoxWorks, we have picked the top five security sessions that you should absolutely not miss.

1. Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Combining Security and Usability for Sensitive Data

Tuesday, 12:45pm

You shouldn’t be forced to choose between security and user experience. But this is what happens when data security solutions are bolted on without consideration for usability. Organizations today need to answer – how do we protect our data while sharing it with people we don’t manage, on devices we don’t control? Join this session to learn how firms are implementing intelligent control over their sensitive data without sacrificing user experience.

2. How to Prepare for Information Governance in the Cloud

Tuesday, 2:00pm

Information governance practices have historically been complicated and it’s no surprise they are not well understood in the context of cloud adoption. How should firms involve the right expert to evaluate retention and disposition policies, legal holds, as well as defensible discovery? Can this be done without interfering with user experience and adoption? Join us to learn from Box customers who have answered these questions in their organizations.

3. Security Sandcastles – The Challenges of Modern Security Programs

Tuesday, 3:15pm

The most advanced security controls today can become obsolete in a matter of months or days. As risks rapidly evolve, organizations must also adapt to counter complex threats. Similar to sandcastles, it feels like every year security programs must be rebuilt. This discussion with world’s leading CISOs will focus on how to build a security program, how to define and measure success, and how to periodically tear it down and rebuild it.

4. International Data Protection – Best Practices in Due Diligence and Validation

Wednesday, 11:30am

Cloud computing customers face evolving global regulatory obligations in regards to data security and data privacy, which requires them to perform an “appropriate level” of due diligence of the cloud solution and the provider. This session, will walk you through a formalized process around due diligence and validation, covering topics such as data security, data privacy, legal mechanisms for the cross border transferal of data and independent validation and what that means.

5. Securing the Content Lifecycle in the Modern Enterprise

Wednesday, 3:00pm

At Box, we are building an ecosystem of leading security and IT vendors to help the industry transition to a new security model for content in the cloud. This session will highlight how Box works with its security partners to protect content throughout the content lifecycle, starting from policies for content uploaded in Box and shared across devices to network controls to advanced logging and auditing.

McAfee MVISION Cloud @ BoxWorks 2016

The partnership between Skyhigh and Box includes deep product integration that is leveraged by several large enterprises including Aetna, Comcast, Western Union, and Equinix. Skyhigh is used as an additional layer of protection over Box that enables IT to enforce policies to protect against unauthorized sharing of sensitive data in Box, to identify threats associated with insiders, compromised accounts and privileged users, and to apply controls such as encryption and contextual access control.

To understand more about how you can secure your company’s Box usage via Skyhigh, stop by our booth (#P3), and also consider attending one of our 15 minute sessions titled ‘Boxing above your Weight – Security and Compliance Requirements for Large Enterprises ‘ at the “Box + Partners” Pillar Theater on Tuesday at 6.15 pm or on Wednesday at 12.30 pm. We wish you a productive and fun BoxWorks event and look forward to seeing you there.