Booz Allen Hamilton has been in the consulting business for over 100 years, and a company doesn’t achieve that type of longevity without an eagerness to adapt and innovate.

As the Chief Information Officer at Booz Allen, Kevin Winter sees the cloud as key to building a more nimble and efficient company, saying “cloud is the way of the future. It allows us to quickly innovate and spin up something we’ve been working on for our client sets at low cost.”

However, security is paramount in everything Booz Allen does, so enabling the cloud securely was imperative. As Winter puts it “We pride ourselves on solving our clients’ most difficult challenges, and the cloud security paradigm is a challenge a lot of companies are still trying to solve. We’ve made great strides in that arena.”


Watch the video and see how Booz Allen’s team is cracking the cloud security paradigm and bringing the flexibility and performance of the cloud to their business and clients.