Here are the facts:

1) 73% of security pros say security is holding back cloud projects
2) 61% of companies say that cloud security is now an executive-level and board-level concern


3) 831 is the average number of cloud services in used today, 34% more than 1 year ago.

Those numbers foreshadow a tumultuous 2015 for some security teams. But, if you’re a real security pro – you know security is about preparation, not procrastination. So, if you haven’t done so already, 2015 is the year you wrap your arms around cloud security. And, if you’re a real security pro you know Rich Mogul, Securosis CEO and Analyst, and know that his company’s claim to provide “No Bull Research” is anything but bull.

So, join Rich this week for a webinar outlining the SaaS security lifecycle framework for 2015 that he has deployed across the Fortune 2,000. And, while Rich offers the key steps to creating a sustainable SaaS security lifecycle, Abby Hosseini, CTO of Mercury Insurance, will jump in to share real-world lessons from his first-hand experience that will help you along the way.

Webcast: Managing your SaaS Security Lifecycle

January 29 ■ 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST

■ Rich Mogull, CEO and Analyst, Securosis
■ Abby Hosseini, CTO, Mercury Insurance
■ Kamal Shah, VP Products and Marketing, Skyhigh

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