Digitalization has spread far beyond Silicon Valley, into one of our most historic and traditional organizations: the White House. First, DJ Patil was brought on from Relate IQ as the White House’s Chief Data Scientist. Now, Palo Alto CIO Jonathon Reichental shared an article about the hiring of David Recordon, engineering director at Facebook, as the new Director of White House IT. Reichental himself is a great example of innovative IT in the private sector, frequently posting about Palo Alto’s new Civic Technology Center to debut in late April.

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While it may be tempting to simply block risky services, we’ve found that adding coaching on cloud policies and risks actually provides quantifiably more effective results. Tangerine CIO Charaka Kithulegoda posted an article that resonated with us on how to increase the transparency of your IT department. One piece of advice: open your door, literally. The best way to understand employee use cases for technology is to hear from them first hand.

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IT teams are increasingly turning to emerging technologies to solve issues that didn’t exist five or ten years ago. However, integrating new technologies with legacy environments can be daunting.  Red Hat CIO, Lee Congdon, posted an article with advice on embracing disruptive technology without ignoring legacy IT. The author coins the tagline “chaotic architecture” to describe the mix of old and new.

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Being successful in IT requires looking past the present towards the future, and Wind River Systems CIO Scott Fenton does just this with an article on the nine biggest information security threats for the next two years. The trend we’d like to highlight is organized crime attackers. Enterprises will need to leverage the latest security advancements to stay ahead of these criminal organizations with big budgets and sophisticated tools.

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Finally, we have a little Skyhigh news. This tweet from Equinix CIO Brian Lillie really caught our eye. We announced this week the opening of a data center in Australia to satisfy data residency requirements for our regional customers. To hear more from Lillie, check out his CXO Talk from today.

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