Welcome to another CIO Corner, our weekly roundup of commentary from the top CIOs on Twitter. This week we spotlight a few polarizing perspectives on the position. Is the CIO an organization’s MVP or a defunct position? These are a couple questions that appeared in discussions this week.

Isaac Sacolick, CIO at Greenwich Associates, shared an article making an argument for CIOs as the emerging stars of the executive team. CIOs are best positioned to understand and leverage the rise of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) for an organization’s success.

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Of course, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies in the world of the CIO. Lee Congdon, Red Hat CIO, shared an article on the three trends making CIOs jobs even more complex. Of course, these challenges – consumerization, speed of technological change, and big data – are also opportunities. Consumerization, for example, poses an array of security challenges, but proactive CIOs can enable employees to become more agile and productive with the use of enterprise-ready yet user-friendly cloud services. Similarly, big data, when analyzed properly, can actually help resolve difficult security challenges such as insider threat.

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For those curious to know where CIOs currently stand on these transformative trends, University of Mississippi Medical Center CIO David Chou shared a global CIO survey outlining plans, priorities, threats, and opportunities. The biggest area of investment for 2015? 71% of CIOs plan to invest in enhanced IT security.

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Similarly, Seagate CIO Mark Brewer posted an article on strategic CIO issues for 2015. The kicker for this article is that the author gives a history dating back to 2013 of past CIO strategic issues. He also dusts off a few vintage predictions that didn’t stand the test of time. Our favorite? “Cloud computing would kill the CIO” – au contraire!

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In the midst of this backdrop, Search CIO hosted a Twitter chat debating the death of the CIO. Kevin Dunn of US Retirement Partners offered some great advice for staying relevant as an IT leader: change “no” to “what if we…” in order to be recognized as a Chief Enablement Officer.

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We’ll end with a word of advice from our CEO, Rajiv Gupta. While the new IT landscape offers promise and peril, IT leaders who take initiative to stay ahead of the curve can deliver previously unmatched value to their organizations. On the other hand, a head in the sand approach will only lead to irrelevancy.

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