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We saw several CIOs, including Karla Viglasky of Stafford & Associates, share this Wall Street Journal article on top CIO priorities. What resonated with us on this list was number five: anticipating a catastrophic cyber event. Anthem’s blockbuster breach and the departure of Sony Pictures’ co-chairman are stark reminders that CIOs need to look at remediation and minimizing the potential damage of a breach, not just prevention.


We’ve heard grumblings that demand is outpacing supply when it comes to skilled IT professionals. The article shared by Wind River Systems CIO Scott Fenton provides the numbers behind this phenomenon. The defining stat? 54% of IT executives expect they will have a tough time finding qualified staff this year.

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cio corner 3A key force driving change in IT’s approach and security vulnerability is the consumerization of IT. At Skyhigh, we consider this paradigm shift a boon for productivity and innovation, as employees are no longer stuck with one or two sanctioned work tools. Yahoo VP of Corporate Apps and Platforms and former Box CIO Ben Haines shared a great overview of this trend, spotlighting how users’ expectations have changed with regards to the applications, devices, and platforms they use for work.

As IT abandons the utility model, the role of the CIO shifts from provider to enabler. This week, a CIO conversation centered on the topic of the CIO role’s power. A few CIOs offered great insights in the context of the CIO as a broker to end-users. Stuart Appley, CIO at Shorenstein, pointed out that the CIO is a partner to business units. We couldn’t agree more.

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Similarly, HP Enterprise CIO Ralph Loura insists that the CIO should not expect to hold control over business units. Ralph gives a great analogy for the role of today’s CIO. A superconductor CIO can contribute to the business’s bottom line by keeping line of businesses agile and collaborative with next generation tools.

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