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A Pragmatist’s Approach to Big Data

Considering its buzz-word status, mentioning “big data” risks inciting groans from the audience. This week we were intrigued by a few novel angles on the topic. Two articles stood out for addressing how to go beyond talking about big data to actually implementing and leveraging data analytics for business goals.

Cohesiveness between IT and business units has been a cornerstone of the transition towards a new breed of IT aimed at enablement versus mere maintenance. Joanna Young, CIO at Michigan State University, shared an article on the importance of incorporating data analytics into the day-to-day operations of business units.



An article shared by Red Hat CIO Lee Congdon, “So you want to build a data science team?”, took the pragmatist perspective one step further by addressing the personnel nuts and bolts of adding data science to your organization’s competencies. It’s refreshing to see a conversation about big data grounded in action and results.



We’re Not the Only Ones Obsessed with Security

Security is always on our minds, and evidently we’re not alone. According to Fernando Thompson, CIO at UDLAP, security is not a, but the top priority for 2015.


Equinix CIO Brian Lillie has taken a proactive approach to security and received recognition as an industry leader for his efforts. Here he shares the hard numbers behind increased awareness for cyber security.



The CIO and the Security Startup: A Love Story

These are exciting times for emerging security technologies, and Creative Artists Agency CIO Michael Keithley weighed in on the pros of working with a startup versus a large company. We’re thrilled to partner with Michael and the CAA team on the path to secure cloud enablement.



Benchmarking Your Cloud Practices Against The 2015 Cloud Maturity Model

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