Back in June we announced that Salesforce participated in Skyhigh’s Series C funding round as a strategic investor. The move validated our status as a category-creating company dedicated to addressing compliance and governance requirements and boost the enterprise adoption of cloud services.

Now we are thrilled to announce Skyhigh’s induction into Salesforce’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partnership Program. Skyhigh for Salesforce is now available on the Salesforce App Exchange. This latest offering brings function-preserving encryption with customer-owned keys and tokenization, as well as comprehensive data governance capabilities such as activity monitoring, anomaly detection, and contextual access control. searchable, order-preserving, and format-preserving encryption with customer-owned keys, activity monitoring, and data discovery customers’ Salesforce deployments.

A Vote of Confidence

By inducting Skyhigh into the ISV Partnership Program, Salesforce recognizes the value Skyhigh delivers to Salesforce customers. Skyhigh aligns with Salesforce’s “cloud-first” approach by supporting multiple deployments options, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid, and by fully supporting the Salesforce1 mobile app. But, we believe the partnership goes beyond the technical integration and is a testament to our culture. We bring our guiding principles of transparency and a true spirit of partnership to all collaborations, and we look forward to delivering excellence in product and service to our mutual customers with Salesforce. Existing partnerships with key-management company SafeNet and single sign-on providers Okta and Ping Identity allow Skyhigh for Salesforce to cover an even wider range of use-cases and customer requirements.

Skyhigh for Salesforce Solution Brief

Learn how Skyhigh for Salesforce enables organizations to meet stringent data privacy and compliance requirements.

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Our work at creating the best possible solution does not stop here; the partnership marks an ongoing collaborative relationship. As an ISV partner Skyhigh will receive early access to Salesforce upgrades, and we look forward to continuous innovation in compliance, and governance for Salesforce.

Preserving Functionality for All Salesforce

Enterprise users love the functionality and user interface of the Salesforce platform. While encryption can break functionality cloud-based SaaS applications, Skyhigh for Salesforce provides a seamless user experience. To do so, we worked with experts from our academically renowned Cryptography Advisory Board on delivering function-preserving encryption schemes. These cutting-edge algorithms enable searchable, format-preserving, and order-preserving encryption for data housed in Salesforce, ensuring customers can safely leverage mission-critical data while still meeting compliance requirements.

Leveraging Big Data for Additional Security

Enterprises need to protect intellectual property and sensitive company data stored in Salesforce from insider threat and compromised accounts. In order to augment Salesforce’s security capabilities, Skyhigh’s machine-learning analytics automatically develop behavioral baselines to monitor activity and identify anomalous activity indicating insider threat or compromised accounts. Customizable alert thresholds enable administrators to harness big data without drowning in the proverbial data pool. Skyhigh’s Activity Monitoring enables forensic analysis at the object level for the most detailed incident reports.

In town for Dreamforce? Stop by our booth or set up an appointment to receive a demo of Skyhigh for Salesforce. In the meantime, check out our data sheet for more details.