Today’s employees are used to cloud services that make them more productive and efficient, and because they use many intuitive cloud services in their personal lives, they expect the same convenience in the office. At DIRECTV, enabling employees to access the cloud services and data they want, when they want, where they want, and from the device they want was a major part of their User-Centric IT initiative.

“We don’t want to be an organization that says ‘No, our employees can’t use productivity services from the cloud,” says Frank Palase, Senior Vice President Strategy and Innovation, DIRECTV. “Our goal is to enable increased productivity through the cloud while also meeting our security and compliance requirements.”


Watch the video and see how DIRECTV’s team, lead by Cloud Innovator and CIO, Mike Benson, takes a user-centric approach to information security by leveraging Skyhigh to securely enable cloud services like Jive, ensure PCI compliance in the cloud, and deliver employees the apps and data they need to get their jobs done better, faster, and smarter.

DIRECTV Case Study

Learn how DIRECTV benefits from greater productivity and faster time-value by using the cloud, without compromising security and compliance requirements.

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