There are many articles that offer lists of the top apps. For the most part, they are based on opinion. This list is different – it’s based on data. When someone creates an app that is noteworthy and useful, it will spread by word of mouth (or virally via features like free storage for friend referrals) to new people who sign up. But even more important than the number of sign ups is the active usage of an app. We tend to use things that deliver value to us and discontinue using other things that don’t work or where a better alternative exists.

So, with this in mind, we crunched the data to surface the fastest growing apps of the last quarter. The Skyhigh Cloud Security Platform protects over 17 million users globally and we track their usage over 10,000 distinct cloud services. That means we see which apps people use, and which ones they stop using. We’ve aggregated and anonymized this usage data to distill the 10 fastest growing apps from Q4 2014 to Q1 2015. In the data, you’ll find apps that you may find useful and notice a few larger trends in cloud adoption.

It’s noteworthy that 3 of the top 10 fastest growing services are for recruiting and hiring. There could be a seasonal factor at play with more hiring in Q1 than Q4, but it’s also possible this is part of a larger trend of an improved job market that has been healing since the 2008 financial crisis. Fitbit is the hottest app in the white-hot category of health and fitness trackers. Again, there could be a seasonal factor driving even higher growth as people focus on fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions.

Skyhigh Fastest Growing Cloud 2015 Q1 600

The fastest growing app overall is Slack. Collaboration apps like Slack are generally popular – the average company uses 162 collaboration services and the average person uses seven. Launched in 2013, Slack has had a stellar rise and is now used by 60% of large enterprises, with the average number of Slack users per company is 168. The more team members that use the collaboration service, the more value each person gets from it. One Fortune 500 company has over 950 Slack users, showing how quickly Slack usage can grow within a company once it gains a foothold.

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For a complete look at the top list, see below:

1. Slack – collaboration platform that offers a real-time messaging, archiving and search tool that facilitates better communication within a team.

2. Credit Karma – credit application that gives you access to a genuinely free credit report and provides personalized debt management recommendations.

3. Newton Software – applicant tracking software for organizing and improving internal recruitment programs of small and medium-sized businesses.

4. HireVue – digital job interview platform allowing individuals to browse, watch, and share interviews.

5. Replicon – time and expense management software that tracks project time and expenses and employee work schedules and attendance.

6. Fitbit – healthcare application that enables its users to track their daily activities, workouts, and health conditions.

7. PagerDuty – operations performance platform delivering visibility and actionable intelligence across the entire incident lifecycle.

8. ZipRecruiter – online job board that streamlines the hiring process through an interface of screening and tracking applicants.

9. WalkMe – engagement application designed to help professionals guide and engage prospects and customers, and complete online tasks.

10. Trello – free, flexible, tool that lets you see everything about your project in a single glance and make sure you always know what needs to get done.