Box usage amongst enterprises has exploded. In fact, our data shows that out of 14,000 cloud services, 23% of all data uploaded to the cloud is destined for Box. Clearly enterprises trust Box, especially given the steps Box has taken to drive adoption within regulated industries like healthcare and finance. These companies want to use Box in a way that meets their security, governance, and compliance requirements. Aetna is one such company that has invested in their cloud security infrastructure over the years, extending security capabilities such as data loss prevention, contextual access control and policy enforcement to Box.

As sponsors (and fans) of the event, we’ve put together the essential guide to security and compliance sessions at BoxWorks 2015; a list of the most important sessions every attendee concerned about security should attend. This year’s event has an impressive lineup of speakers and sessions and promises to be a valuable and exciting forum for anyone looking to adopt, secure, and harness the full potential of Box to improve workplace collaboration and productivity while meeting data security requirements.

Transforming Enterprise Security 2.0

Tuesday, September 29 | 11:30 AM

Despite the steps cloud service providers continue to take to improve their security and gain client trust, security persists as one of the major hurdles to cloud adoption. With the proliferation of Shadow IT and BYOD practices, IT professionals need to take a different approach to protect the enterprise. In this session, Box Chief Trust Officer Justin Somaini will discuss how enterprises can retake control of their data in the cloud while encouraging the business to work together in securely sharing data and facilitating an integrated and seamless cloud experience.

Building the Trust Ecosystem

Tuesday, September 29 | 3:30PM

Join Skyhigh in this session where we explore the important function of a trust ecosystem. As applications move to the cloud, security professionals need to understand the changing responsibilities of the cloud providers and security vendors as well as the emerging security opportunities. But what vendors are in this trust ecosystem and which cloud providers partner with them to provide the controls that we expect? Join this session to explore a framework for protecting data in the cloud and the leading security vendors who have partnered with Box to bring you the Trust Ecosystem for protecting your content.

Tips & Tricks for your Adoption Toolbox

Tuesday, September 29| 11:30 AM

As a Box administrator, you are the primary point of contact for all things Box at your organization. Join this session and arm yourself with a host of tips and tricks that is sure to make your job easier, wow your users, and accelerate Box adoption across your organization.

Getting Vertical on the Productivity S-Curve

Tuesday, September 29 | 5:05 PM

Of the 14,000+ cloud services in use today, more than 23% of uploaded corporate data is destined for Box – far more than ANY other cloud service. The question on everyone’s CIO’s mind should be how do I get to the vertical slope of the Box adoption S-Curve while enforcing security and compliance policies. Join this session to look at some key data that illuminates how Box is being used today as we share some pioneering use cases driven by leading enterprises such as Aetna, Comcast, Equinix, and Western Union.

We’ll also take a turn to look at ways companies are reducing their attack surface and discuss what can be done when the devil you know is your biggest risk. Finally, we’ll take a detailed look at how customers in highly regulated industries (e.g. financial services, healthcare, and government.) are enabling Box for users while remaining compliant with their internal policies and industry regulations.

How to Extend Security & Compliance within Box

Wednesday, September 30 | 11:15 AM

Join Skyhigh and Comcast during this session to see how leading companies are maintaining security and compliance standards while leveraging Box for collaboration. Attendees will learn how to address needs for collaboration while meeting security requirements, enforce cloud data loss prevention (DLP) for regulatory compliance, surface insider threats and compromised accounts, generate a detailed live log for investigations, and secure collaboration occurring outside your organization.

CIO Panel Led by Whitney Bouck

Wednesday, September 30 | 10:30 AM

Join this sessions to hear from CIOs of GE, Genentech, Fox Entertainment, and Neiman Marcus as they discuss the changing role of the CIO, the increasingly intricate security issues facing today’s enterprise, trends in emerging technologies, and how each CIO enables technology-driven transformation at their organizations.

CISO Panel

Wednesday, September 30 | 4:00 PM

Join this session to hear some of the industry-leading CISOs and learn about their challenges and solutions going through the security transformation. Justin Somaini, Box Chief Trust Officer will moderate this candid discussion on topics ranging from information governance to risk management and new security vendor landscape to cloud providers. Don’t forget to ask questions and hear from top security leaders who are successfully navigating the changes affecting the entire security industry.