Many of our readers are well aware of the business drivers for data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, namely to protect sensitive data and comply with regulatory requirements such as PCI, HIPAA and HITECH. Over the past decade, many have championed and implemented DLP solutions from the likes of Symantec and RSA, spawning a $1B DLP market. However, these solutions do not adequately address the rapidly growing requirement of protecting data in cloud file sharing and collaboration solutions like Box.

Skyhigh Secure for Box

Today, we announced Skyhigh Secure for Box to squarely address this need. Skyhigh Secure for Box enables organizations to ensure that the data in Box complies with internal policies and external regulations. Justin Somaini, Chief Trust Officer at Box says, “Skyhigh Secure for Box is a comprehensive DLP solution for our customers because it protects data from loss and provides IT teams with unparalleled visibility into how sensitive content is shared in the cloud.”

Integrating with existing DLP Solutions

Furthermore, Skyhigh Secure for Box integrates with leading on-premise DLP solutions like Symantec DLP and RSA DLP, allowing customers to leverage their existing investments in data loss prevention policies and remediation processes.

To see how it works, check out this week’s Chalk Talk below and be sure to read Box’s blog to see their take on the announcement and the Box-Skyhigh partnership:

How to extend on-premise DLP policies to Box