Unveiling Skyhigh’s Comprehensive Data Governance Solution for Salesforce

Data governance for the cloud is quickly becoming a topic of heated interest. Enterprises want better insight and management over their data in the cloud and are prioritizing which cloud services to address first. For most customers, the answer is Salesforce, the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

As Dreamforce ’13 kicks off, we are thrilled to unveil Skyhigh Secure for Salesforce, a comprehensive data governance solution that includes encryption, tokenization, data loss prevention, anomaly detection, application auditing, and mobile-to-cloud support.

Customers benefit from enhanced cloud management capabilities, while maintaining the familiar Salesforce experience end users depend on and without worrying about breaking their Salesforce implementation, which is vital to their business.

Skyhigh secure offers four advantages over other solutions in the marketplace today:

  • Skyhigh’s capabilities work seamlessly for the core Saleforce application as well as all AppExchange applications, Chatter, Force.com, Salesforce APIs and Salesforce mobile applications.
  • Skyhigh goes beyond encryption and tokenization and provides data loss prevention, mobile-to-cloud support, application auditing, and anomaly detection capabilities across their entire Salesforce implementation.
  • Skyhigh enables secure mobile-to-cloud access to Salesforce without requiring an agent on the device or VPN connection from the device, allowing customers to support their Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) initiatives.
  • Skyhigh provides these data governance capabilities while preserving all critical Salesforce end-user functionality such as sorting, formatting and searching across all fields, including custom fields.

Don’t take my word for it. Come see Skyhigh Secure for Salesforce in action at one of our two Dreamforce Booths: N1013 and N2209 (North Hall).

We’ll enter you for one of the 10 Pebbles we’re giving away each day just to say thanks! Here’s to a fabulous Dreamforce ’13.