Recently, we announced the launch of McAfee CASB Connect, industry’s first self-serve program that enables any cloud service provider, customer, or partner to rapidly build lightweight API connectors to McAfee Skyhigh Security cloud to secure any cloud application. What makes this really special is that the API connector is built within days without a single line of code.

For a long time, the holy grail of CASB and cloud security was being able to enforce a consistent set of security controls across all cloud services. The industry tried two approaches: native integrations with the cloud service providers via API and the Identity service provider, and inline intermediation via a forward proxy.

McAfee CASB Connect Datasheet

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In the video below, we explain CASB Connect and its capabilities and benefits. In addition, we cover the different approaches security vendors have taken to provide a solution that can protect all cloud applications with a single set of policies and compare and contrast the benefits and shortcomings of these approaches. Lastly, we cover real-world customer use cases and security challenges that we’ve solved using CASB Connect.