Enterprises are embracing content sharing and collaboration from Box to make their employees more productive and their businesses more nimble. The benefits are clear: employees can access their files and work from anywhere on any device. However, that also means companies are storing a wide range of sensitive data in Box such as customer data, intellectual property, and regulated financial and health data. Box and Skyhigh have partnered to deliver a data governance solution so companies can realize the benefits of cloud-based collaboration while meeting all of their internal policies and external compliance requirements.

Skyhigh for Box delivers a suite of data governance capabilities including contextual access control, compromised account and insider threat detection, and data loss prevention without any changes to the end user experience or impacting Box functionality. In our latest release we’ve added functionality that helps companies control collaboration with external parties like partners, suppliers, and customers.

Introducing Collaboration Control

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Collaboration Control for Box in our latest release. This new capability provides additional controls not available today from Box or any third party service. With Collaboration Control, you can enforce sharing policies that define which documents can be shared with which external collaborators. Skyhigh’s Sr. Product Manager Phil DiCorpo explains how it works: