Box has become the enterprise-choice for secure file-sharing and collaboration due to their ability to balance user enablement and integrated security. Alongside Box’s industry-leading native security capabilities, many enterprises, including Aetna, Comcast, and Western Union leverage Skyhigh’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) in conjunction with Box for real-time visibility and control over Box usage.

Box is available in a variety of access modes. They offer a very popular mobile app, a desktop sync client, and the traditional browser based access. Given the decentralized nature of today’s workplace, with workers accessing their corporate cloud services from a variety of locations (on-premises and off-premises), from a variety of devices (managed and unmanaged), and from a variety of access modes (mobile app, desktop sync client, and browser application) it is imperative to maintain a ubiquitous view over usage from all these access points, and to enforce real-time controls consistently regardless of where the access originates from.

In order to enforce policies across access modes without the friction of agents on employee devices and without the security risk of an untrusted SSL man-in-the middle, Skyhigh leverages your existing security infrastructure, and integrates with your identify providers, firewalls, proxies, and mobile device management systems.

In this video, I will demonstrate how it works: