“One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team,” said Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of the greatest basketball players of all time. This broadly applicable thought has special relevance in the world of cyber security today. Enterprise adoption of new technologies such as cloud and mobile is picking up fast, but so is the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks. This has made the need for robust information security vital to companies’ existence.

However, due to the furious pace of innovation and the breadth of different technologies adopted, there isn’t one solution that can address all enterprise security needs. Each solution is crucial, but multiple solutions have to interoperate within the enterprise framework to protect companies from a large number of vulnerabilities that include hackers, bots, malicious insiders, and employee errors. To this end, Skyhigh has announced the Cloud Security Technology Partner (CSTP) Program, a partnership of the most trusted technology leaders and innovators to deliver integrated security solutions to protect our customers’ information.

We are excited to continue to grow our strategic technology relationship and data security offerings with the Skyhigh Cloud Security Technology Partner Program by providing customers with complete control of their data and ownership of their encryption keys with Gemalto’s industry-leading encryption and key management offerings.

David Etue, Vice President of Business Development, Gemalto/SafeNet

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The CSTP program brings together leading solutions from multiple information security domains including Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Identity as a Service (IDaaS), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), User Behavior Analytics (UBA), Key Management, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM). By providing a broad coverage of technologies, the program ensures that enterprises can select the technology that aligns with their needs and infrastructure. By delivering solutions integrated out of the box, the CSTP program eases customers’ pain by minimizing time spent on deployment and interoperability testing. And finally, the program aims to provide enterprises with solutions that provide comprehensive protection spanning across users, devices, and data to cover the enterprise network and beyond.


Skyhigh Partner and Integrations Ecosystem

One of the trends that is causing companies to explore security solutions is the cloud. With the average company using 1,154 cloud services, enterprises are looking to secure their cloud usage via Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs). According to Gartner research, “CASBs provide a number of critical points of integration with the environment, and these integration points play an important role in preventing enterprise security delivery from becoming yet another silo”. The CSTP program aligns with this recommendation while also expanding the security capabilities provided by Skyhigh across the 4 Gartner pillars – visibility, compliance, data security and threat protection.

The CSTP program originated from customer feedback and is focused on providing existing and potential customers with comprehensive security while minimizing deployment overhead. With integrated solutions, customers not only save time on deployment, but also have flexibility in extending existing capabilities with new products without having to rip and replace.

This partnership brings together the leading CASB provider with the leading next generation firewall and threat prevention provider to deliver the best of both worlds: the cloud user experience employees want and the cloud security controls IT needs.

Alon Kantor, VP Business Development, Check Point

By selecting enterprise-grade solutions with many successful deployments, the program gives customers access to the best solutions, thus reducing efforts spent on research and due diligence. And finally, as enterprises are always looking to stay up-to-date with new trends and technologies, the CSTP program provides them with a collection of best practices, integration guides, and joint references synthesized from hundreds of deployments, so they are educated on new and evolving security practices. By bringing together the most robust and advanced solutions as part of the CSTP program, Skyhigh aims to enable enterprises to continuously improve their defenses and maximize their efforts against all causes of data loss, both malicious and accidental.