ServiceNow may have started as the help desk in the cloud, but today it covers a broad range of service experience, record keeping, process automation, and business management functions. Its portfolio includes applications related to your infrastructure, your operations (such as IT incident tracking, sourcing and procurement, HR service automation), and your overall business (project portfolios, performance analytics, etc).

Given that such valuable information flows through and is stored in ServiceNow, Skyhigh offers additional controls to ensure regulatory compliance, employee privacy, and the security of sensitive data residing in ServiceNow.

Skyhigh offers 3 distinct advantages to complement ServiceNow’s existing encryption capabilities:

  1. Skyhigh supports format, order, and search preservation for the attributes stored in ServiceNow’s configuration management database (CMDB) and doesn’t add any friction to the end-user. Our encryption schemes are peer-reviewed, and our cryptography advisory board consists of world-renowned researchers collaborating closely with Skyhigh to capture the best of academia and business.
  2. As a cloud gateway provider, Skyhigh provides encryption-as-a-service that is integrated into ServiceNow’s platform and allows for the processing of data in the clear as well as the storage of data encrypted at rest. Skyhigh preserves the functionality of ServiceNow and provides a seamless end-user experience while simultaneously ensuring that performance and security are addressed.
  3. Skyhigh offers flexible deployment models: in the cloud, on premises, or a hybrid. Additionally, through its strong partnership with key management providers such as SafeNet, offers customers the option of having enterprise-controlled keys, ensuring additional peace of mind for organizations who want to control their encryption keys so that a 3rd party provider (or anyone else) can decrypt their sensitive data.

Skyhigh also provides access control to help you regulate who can access specific content, from where, and on which devices. Skyhigh also provides anomaly detection in order to identify compromised accounts, insider threats or malware at work and secures mobile-to-cloud usage to support the ever-growing BYOD trend.

Intrigued? To find out more, come visit Skyhigh at FruDevCon ’14 this week (we’ll be in the Developers Lounge) and attend our IT Executive Track: Seizing the Shadow IT Opportunity.

If you can’t make it to FruDevCon this year, check out the video below to see how Skyhigh lets you securely move your enterprise service operations to the cloud.

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