Defining Circles of Trust

When organizations need to share sensitive information, they must strike a balance between collaborative capabilities and data security. Companies do this by defining who they trust the data with, and then building systems that allow them to share that data only with those in the proverbial circle of trust. This can be straightforward if every employee, every partner, and every supplier of a company is in the circle of trust. But, if that trust is restricted to only certain individuals, a Rights Management System (RMS) must be utilized.

Cloud Makes it Tougher

This proposition becomes much more complex when sensitive data is shared via the cloud since an additional 3rd party, who may or may not be trusted, is introduced (i.e. the cloud service provider).

In this week’s Chalk Talk, Sekhar Sarukkai, VP of Engineering at Skyhigh Networks, and Surendra Viswanathan explain how Skyhigh’s integration with Microsoft RMS allows customers to easily define and enforce trust boundaries within cloud collaboration processes.

Protecting Data Based on Trust using Skyhigh’s Microsoft RMS Integration