Office 365 is a key element of Satya Nadella’s mobile-first, cloud-first enterprise strategy and by all accounts Microsoft has been highly successful in migrating corporate customers to the cloud version of its signature productivity suite. The company announced in April that Office 365 subscribers grew 35% in Q1 over Q4. Skyhigh tracks and secures the cloud usage of over 21 million users worldwide and we found that Office 365 now tops the enterprise cloud service list by user count. Across industries, 71% of large enterprises have at least 500 Office 365 users.

Employees at these companies are relying on Office 365 to store business-critical data. Analyzing files uploaded to Office 365, Skyhigh found 17.4% contained sensitive personally identifiable information (e.g. Social Security numbers, phone numbers, home addresses, etc.), protected health information (e.g. patient diagnoses, medical treatments, etc.), payment data (e.g. credit card numbers, debit card numbers, bank accounts, etc.), or confidential data (e.g. financial records, business plans, top secret documents, source code, trading algorithms, etc.).

While Office 365 is a very secure platform, some customers are looking for additional capabilities to understand what data is uploaded to OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Yammer. They also want to enforce enterprise security and compliance policies across that data. With the average company using 171 cloud-based collaboration services, once companies select Office 365 as their corporate standard there’s a need to coach and migrate users away from unsanctioned services. Phil DiCorpo, Director of Product Management at Skyhigh and Office 365 power user, created a 5-minute video on how to accomplish these objectives.


With Skyhigh for Office 365, organizations have visibility into all collaboration services in use, and can use just-in-time educational messages to coach users to Office 365, ensuring all employees are using the corporate standard. Within Office 365 applications, Skyhigh monitors user and admin activity and detects anomalous activity indicative of a compromised account or insider threat. Finally, Skyhigh helps organizations ensure compliance with external regulations and internal policies by extending their data loss prevention policies to data in Microsoft’s productivity tools. To learn more about how Skyhigh for Office 365 helps organizations meet their security, compliance, and governance requirements, download the datasheet.

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