As more cloud services find their way into the enterprise, cybersecurity teams must develop and implement security policies that protect corporate data while trying to balance the needs of business units and employees for new productivity tools.

2015 saw a healthy expansion in cybersecurity as spending increased by nearly 5% to an estimated $75B. Over the next five years, Forbes has estimated that the cybersecurity marketplace will be worth $170B (article can be found here), with a projected 50% growth rate predicted for cloud security by the IDC on the horizon.

So with the anticipated growth and expansion expected over the next five years, what will 2016 look like for the cloud market?

Here are some thoughts from some of Skyhigh’s customers:

blog image - james routh

Jim Routh, Chief Security Officer, Aetna
Encryption of data at rest will evolve to address the objects rather than where the objects are stored. As sensitive data moves between applications, some hosted on-premises and some in the cloud, blindly encrypting entire repositories of data will become unfeasible for business requirements. Companies will rely on automated, intelligent policy enforcement that encrypts only the most sensitive data to comply with security and regulatory requirements.


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Paul Dumbleton, Manager Infrastructure Security Engineering, Perrigo
The consolidation of cloud companies and services will provide greater resources and better security to customers. In addition, as there is a constant need to do more with less, with smaller teams and with a greater enterprise-wide focus on security, there will be a higher reliance on cloud security solutions including encryption at all levels – at rest, in motion and in use.




blog image - brian lillieBrian Lillie, Chief Information Officer, Equinix
The battle to keep data within the corporate perimeter will evolve into the challenge to allow data to travel securely wherever it is needed. IT security is under pressure to align with business initiatives. As companies gather data and transition to digital business models, security teams need to prioritize making data available for business units: on mobile devices, across departments, and within cloud-based applications. Departments who pull this off deliver a competitive advantage for their organization.


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