Keeping up with the latest technology and industry developments is essential in today’s rapidly changing information security landscape. Cloud has spawned an IT security revolution, but professional expertise has yet to catch up with the rate of technological innovation. The biggest barrier for companies to effectively protect data in the cloud is a lack of skilled security professionals.

The education curve typically takes 4-6 years to catch up with technology. This makes direct knowledge exchange between professionals at conferences one of the best venues for learning how to implement emerging technologies. RSA Conference is the premier information security conference, and attendees will benefit from the unparalleled opportunity to hear security war stories from the frontlines. Attendees will hear presentations from over 600 InfoSec luminaries on topics ranging from personnel diversity to Active Directory security implementations. Not yet registered for RSA but want to attend? Get in free using this code.

Every year, we put together a curated selection of sessions on the most pressing issues of cloud and broader enterprise security. We highlight sessions from a variety of perspectives including analysts, board members, journalists, and C-level executives. Continue on to this year’s guide to RSA conference to help plan your trip or just to learn which topics are in demand.

From the Bleeding Edge: Tomorrow’s Security Today

Rock the CASB-ah— Advanced Use Cases from Pioneers of Cloud Security

Cloud has set off an IT revolution, and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is at the center of enforcing security in the new, nebulous world. Gartner predicts that by “2020, 85% of large enterprises will use a CASB product, up from less than 5% today.” But the question remains, how do you get out the most of your CASB? Join the panel, led by Gartner analyst Neil MacDonald, for a high-level discussion on how to increase workforce productivity without compromising security.

Security Startups: The CISO’s Guide to Flying High without Getting Burned

The role of a CISO is constantly changing. Old ways of securing company data quickly go out the window as new technology transforms the way organizations share data. This session will give you an idea of how to implement a continuous program for assessing new technology and startups while minimizing risk, strengthening existing infrastructure, and meeting your budget.

The Shift to a 24/7 Security Landscape: Why Cloud Security Is the Answer

Much like burglars, thieves on the hunt for sensitive data strike when you least expect it, pushing companies towards a 24/7-security landscape. So, how do you protect your organization without a clear border? David Ulevitch, VP of Cisco’s Security Business Group, will explain how cloud can unlock new security capabilities. The session will specifically teach you how to protect common targets for attackers and how cloud intelligence can help detect threats early on.

Regulations that Matter: Privacy in a Digital World

One Approach to Rule Them All—Global Privacy and Security

Data has no perimeters and modern enterprises operate on a global stage. The ongoing challenge of complying with multiple international data regulations becomes more difficult every year as policy makers work to keep companies accountable for their customers’ privacy. This session will demonstrate how to apply multiple security controls across numerous global regions to protect regulated data.

Privacy, Security, IT and the New European General Protection Regulation

The new European court ruling will affect all companies with data in countries that are members of or cooperate with the European Union. You’ve likely heard about the EU GDPR, but do you know what exactly it means for global companies? Attend this session to learn how to prepare your organization.

Global Cybersecurity Laws, Regulations and Liability

Complying with global cyber security laws and regulations isn’t always simple or straightforward, and increased fines raise the stakes of failure. This session will highlight the different standards for data security around the world for corporate networks, control systems, and personal information. The panel will also discuss liability for security failures, depending on country.

Pragmatic Cloud Security: A User’s Guide

Aspirin as a Service: Using the Cloud to Cure Security Headaches

Migrating sensitive data to the cloud is a daunting procedure for security professionals. On the flipside, the cloud offers unparalleled opportunity and capabilities for the security team. Join this session to learn how the cloud can be a security asset, not a liability.

SaaS Attacks Happen: How Cloud Scale Changes the Security Game

When you upload data to the cloud, you trust your cloud provider by outsourcing elements of security. 95% of cloud security risk comes from your organization (the customer). Interested in how cloud security engineers tackle the unique risks of SaaS and leverage the advantages? Attend this session to see how the security experts from Microsoft hold up their end of the shared liability model.

Cloud Attacks Illustrated: Insights from the Cloud Provider

The past year’s rapid increase in the number of cloud services on the market shows no signs of slowing down. This has not gone unnoticed. Hackers quickly shifted focus from on-premise attacks and began targeting the cloud. With unique data from public cloud infrastructure, the presenters will show you the latest trends in threats to the cloud

From the Top Down: Enterprise Risk Management

Bringing Cybersecurity to the Boardroom

Enterprises show a greater concern for data loss now than ever before, reflected in the fact that 60% have hired a CISO. CISOs often find themselves in situations in which they have to report strategies and risks to board members and C-level executives with limited cyber security background. Attendees will learn how to effectively communicate risk awareness and drive informed investments for a board-level cyber security program.

Security Investigative Journalists Speak Out—More Breaches, More Problems

It is has been a year of major breaches. Remember OPM, Ashley Madison, Target, and Hacking Team? This seasoned panel will cover post-mortems for all these blockbuster breaches. Listen to what security reporters such as Brian Krebs and Nicole Perlroth have to say about the past year’s most controversial cyber security stories. Get there early as this session is a guaranteed sell-out.

Customer Centric Security and Architecture—a CISO/CTO Study

How do the CTO and CISO work side by side without conflict? How do you create a customer-centric culture across the security team to deliver business value? Listen to Tien-Ti Mak (CTO) and Troy Braban (CISO) of the Australian Post on how they created a successful security culture.

Adjusting Your Security Controls: It’s the New Normal

Jim Routh, CSO at Aetna, is an innovative security leader and a dynamic public speaker. Learn how to recognize the on-going adjustments of controls needed to adhere to modern security standards.

People-Centric Security: Transform Culture, Reduce Risk, Drive Success

There’s no manual on how to manage and transform your security culture. Nevertheless, a culture of security awareness is essential to reducing risk from your company’s weakest link: human error. Join this session to learn models, tools, and frameworks to measurably improve employee accountability for security.

Real-World Cloud Security Best Practices from Leading Experts

Skyhigh is proud to host 7 leading information security practitioners from a variety of industries. Come by to hear how they are balancing employee cloud-enablement needs with corporate security requirements in these quick-hitting cloud security Q+A sessions, hosted at booth #507 South Hall:

Tuesday, March 1st

11:20am – 11:40am

Michael Roling, CISO, State of MO

12:00pm – 12:20pm

Paul Dumbleton, Manager Infrastructure Security Engineering, Perrigo

1:20pm – 1:40pm

Mitch Greenfield, Manager Enterprise Information Protection (EIP), Humana

2:40pm – 3:00pm

Jeff Blair, CISO, CAA

4:00pm – 4:20pm

Andy Radle, Cyber Security Architect, HP

Wednesday, March 2nd

12:00pm – 12:20pm

Kevin McLaughlin, Deputy CISO, Stryker

1:00pm – 1:20pm

Eddie Borrero, CISO, Robert Half International

See You There!

We’re looking forward to lively discussions on the current and future state of security with experts from around the world. We hope to see you there! Don’t forget to stop by the Skyhigh booth to learn more about how CASB is revolutionizing cloud security. You can find us in booth #507 South Hall. Click here for a map of the expo floor.