A Cloud Adoption and Risk Report for Europe

As our regular readers will know, Skyhigh publishes a quarterly Cloud Adoption and Risk report, which has become the de-facto data source for trends in cloud adoption and security and is often cited by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, CIO, and eWeek.

This week, we’re excited to publish our first European Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, which analyses usage data from more than one million users across more than 40 companies spanning the financial services, healthcare, high technology, manufacturing, media, and professional service industries.

Key findings

The report quantifies the use of cloud services and the security risk that they pose to enterprises, and shares several surprising and telling statistics.

  • Enterprises in the Europe region use an average of 588 cloud services. The majority are used outside of IT’s awareness or control.
  • Only 9% of the cloud services in use provide enterprise-grade security capabilities, while the remaining 91% (more than 9 out of 10) pose medium to high security risks.
  • Only 1% of the cloud services in use offer both enterprise-grade security capabilities and store data within Europe’s jurisdictional boundaries, while the remaining 99% store data where data privacy laws are less stringent, creating data privacy and data residency concerns.
  • Only 5% of cloud services in Europe are ISO 27001 certified, posing compliance issues for those organisations unaware that their employees are using such services.
  • 25 of the top 30 cloud services in the collaboration, content sharing, and file sharing categories were based in countries (United States, Russia, China) where the privacy laws are far less stringent compared to Europe.
  • 49 different services in use are tracking the browsing behaviour of employees on the Internet, exposing organisations to the increasingly prevalent watering hole attacks.

Get the full report

Download the full report here and check out the infographic below summarizing key findings.