Celebrating Office 365’s Five-Year Anniversary

This week marked Office 365’s five-year anniversary. Microsoft has made a concerted shift to cloud products under Satya Nadella and the strategy has paid off. Office 365 is now the single most popular enterprise cloud service, used by one in five employees. This watershed moment for cloud adoption comes with new risks, however. A new ransomware variant called Cerber utilizes a zero-day vulnerability to target 57% of all organizations that use Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 Turns Five | Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet

Cerber Strikes with Office 365 Zero Day Attacks | Ericka Chickowski, Darkreading

Public Sector Opens Up to Cloud

For years, more conservative organizations, especially government agencies, claimed to be closed off from the cloud. Based in large part on the pragmatic need to modernize IT systems, federal agencies have finally begun to open their arms to the benefits of cloud. Last fall, US Federal CIO Tony Scott went on record that public cloud providers, “have skills and abilities, and they have the motivation to do a much better job of security than any one company or any one organization can probably do.” Data shows the average federal agency already uses 859 cloud applications, but only 3.3% of which are FedRAMP compliant. Amazon and Microsoft just received compliance (within minutes of each other), which should keep the industry leading IaaS providers neck in neck as they compete for the government market.

Federal Government Public Adoption Accelerating, Deutsche Bank Says | Steve Norton, Wall Street Journal

Feds certify Amazon and Microsoft clouds to handle sensitive government data | Dan Richman, GeekWire

This Week in Ransomware…

Another week reveals a new parade of ransomware variants. Jigsaw is a new ransomware package that goes beyond encrypting files and threatens to send personal data to the victim’s contacts. The virus even offers live chat support to help victims pay! The threat no longer exclusively targets desktop computers. A new study tallied a four-fold increase in ransomware attacks on Android mobile devices in the past year. To understand the proliferation of this threat category in the past year, one only need look at the payday: a new variant of CryptXXX ransomware generated over $60,000 in revenue in under three weeks.
Meet Jigsaw, the ransomware that taunts victims and offers live support | Dan Goodin, Ars Technica

Hackers are infecting smartphones with ransomware at an alarming rate | Paul Szoldra, Tech Insider

New CryptXXX variant has earned more than $60,000 in payments | Steve Ragan, CSO

This Week by the Numbers

655,000Personal medical records in a single cache for sale on the Darknet, which the owner has reported as sold

90% The reduction in data breaches attributed to Chinese state-sponsored groups in the past two years

204 The number of files with “password” in the filename the average company stores in Office 365

2 The number of times the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has suffered a data breach


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