At McAfee, we invite inclusion and shared real world prospective from local women leaders in the Chicago area on how they came into their cybersecurity careers in a still very male-dominated industry to foster a culture of change that took their organizers to a digital cloud transformation when too many organizations are unsure of security in the cloud. These women had the foresight to understand that cloud was the emerging technology that we all needed to embrace!

According to the a 2019 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Report, women working in cybersecurity currently account for about one quarter (24%) of the overall workforce. This is a significantly higher finding than from 2017, when only 11% of study respondents where women. It should be noted that this study used a revised research methodology, which likely accounts for the larger representation of women.

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In parallel, the continued shift to cloud and mobile requires organizations to approach cybersecurity with more data science, machine learning, identity and data centric security, and risk-based security controls. Below are some words from just some of the amazing women who have forged through the challenges while leading the way for cybersecurity professionals of tomorrow. Hear what they have to say from the “Women in Cloud Strategy” event recently held in Chicago.

Women in Cloud Strategy, Chicago Edition from McAfee MVISION Cloud