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Cloud Threat Intelligence

McAfee Skyhigh Labs researches activity across its extensive global user base to discover patterns of usage that compromise the security of corporate information. As an example, McAfee Skyhigh Labs pioneered an innovative approach to behavioral botnet detection by creating an algorithm that uses multi-dimensional probabilistic weighting to percolate domains that display characteristics of a Command & Control server. By using classical signal processing techniques McAfee can characterize abnormally programmatic behaviors, providing customers with detailed forensics to pinpoint and remediate exact systems that have been compromised.


Additionally, McAfee Skyhigh Labs developed capabilities to visualize outbound data flows to non-cloud service IPs and domains and analyzes the traffic by characteristics such as IP reputation and geography, enabling companies to identify outbound data flows and prevent data exfiltration. Further, McAfee Skyhigh Labs leverages a user base of over 30 million users to create robust behavioral models to fingerprint each cloud service.

Using these behavioral models in conjunction with additional threat intelligence feeds, McAfee detects abnormal activity with a high-degree of accuracy and proactively alerts customers to activities requiring attention. This enables McAfee to identify emerging malicious cloud activity – for example, those within encrypted traffic patterns, to determine indications of the data theft using massively scaled data science and machine learning.

Cloud Service Intelligence

McAfee Skyhigh Labs researches cloud services to provide customers with a comprehensive view of the state of cloud services available in the global market and insight into the risks of each of these cloud services. In addition to continuously identifying and evaluating cloud services in real-time, McAfee Skyhigh Labs extends the depth of intelligence via integration with Darknet and other sources of cyber-risk intelligence while extending the breadth of risk visibility into the B2B partner ecosystem. In addition, McAfee Skyhigh Labs also audits over 20,000 cloud services when a major vulnerability, such as Cloudbleed, Heartbleed, VENOM, FREAK, POODLE, or BASH, is exposed, determines the security implications using advanced data mining and natural language processing, proactively informs customers of cloud service risks, and provides recommendations for remediation.

Cryptography Research and Development

McAfee Skyhigh Labs works with five leading cryptography academics from Cornell Tech, University of London, Georgia Tech, and University of California, San Diego, who form the Cryptography Advisory Board, to collaborate on cutting edge research and deploy cryptographic innovations for the cloud security market. In conjunction with the Cryptography Advisory Board, McAfee Skyhigh Labs has developed and brought to market several important advancements in cloud cryptography such as searchable symmetric encryption, order-preserving encryption, and format-preserving encryption.

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