Cloud-Native Data Security

Skyhigh's Cloud-Native Data Security delivers a complete set of capabilities to protect data where it lives today, in the cloud

Security for the cloud era

Introducing three groundbreaking innovations in cloud security technology that enable IT to protect information wherever it goes in the cloud.

Lightning Link

 Skyhigh Lightning Link is a new CASB deployment mode that provides the complete coverage of an API with the real-time enforcement of an inline proxy.


Cloud Email DLP

Extends DLP coverage to cloud-based email platforms including Exchange Online with a unified set of policies across all of Office 365 and other collaboration services.

Autonomous Remediation

Autonomous Remediation automates the incident response process for security analysts, reducing alerts requiring review by 97% through coaching end users to resolve them.

How Skyhigh works

Skyhigh Security Cloud™ delivers a set of capabilities that protects information in today’s cloud-first technology landscape. The solution extends familiar security concepts from the client-server era and reimagines them as applied to data in the cloud. It also introduces new cloud-native visibility and control capabilities.

Cloud-Native: Securing Data with Skyhigh

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Our data security vision

Organizations that leverage cloud benefit in many ways and our vision is to make cloud the most secure environment for business. Today, of course, security is the biggest barrier to cloud adoption. We’re on a mission to give organizations total control over their data and user activity in the cloud, so they can confidently use cloud services to accelerate their businesses.