Deal Registration Terms and Conditions

At Skyhigh Networks we are 100% committed to working with our partner community to jointly expand Skyhigh’s footprint in the CASB market.  Our deal registration program is an opportunity based program which allows partners to bring Skyhigh Networks technology into their established customer base or generate new account opportunities as a result of events and call out days.  Skyhigh Networks prefers working with partners who are committed to positioning Skyhigh CASB solutions as their lead product.

  1. Immediately after submitting a deal registration, the partner rep receives a confirmation email of receipt of the submission
  2. Within 2 business days, Skyhigh sales will contact the partner rep to gather information and approve or deny registration
  3. Partner rep has 30 days to set a meeting from the date of submission (Skyhigh sales  and partner rep will determine who will set the first meeting with the customer)
  4. At 20 days an automated reminder will go to the partner rep and our Regional Sales Manager.
  5. If, after 31 days, no meeting has been set, the Skyhigh SDR will coordinate a call with the partner rep and Skyhigh rep to determine if the registration is still worth pursuing. If agreed, SDR will work for an additional 15 days (45 days total) and if no meeting is set the deal registration will be disqualified.
  6. Registration is valid for 90 days from acceptance of the opportunity.
  7. Registration can be extended beyond 90 days by Skyhigh rep.  If an extension is granted the partner rep is notified of extension
  8. Skyhigh reserves the right to rescind the registration if there is an RFP, Tender or if there is a contract vehicle requirement that the registered partner isn’t able to meet.