Industry Solutions

Skyhigh enables organizations across all industries to embrace cloud services with unparalleled visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection.

Featured Industries

Financial Services

Skyhigh helps financial services organizations protect their customer's financial information in the cloud in order to meet various regulatory requirements including GLBA, PCI DSS, and state and national privacy laws.

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Skyhigh’s FedRAMP-compliant CASB platform provides government agencies with complete visibility and control over cloud usage, detects and mitigates threats, and ensures compliance with federal regulations.

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Skyhigh provides healthcare organizations the needed security controls to ensure personal health information (PHI) in the cloud is protected from theft or loss, while staying compliant with HIPAA-HITECH.

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Skyhigh helps manufacturing organizations gain visibility into cloud usage and enforce security and compliance policies to securely enable cloud services without putting their IP and trade secrets at risk.

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Skyhigh helps educational institutions gain visibility into who is using what cloud services, understand their risks from cloud usage and enforce security and compliance policies around cloud collaboration.

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