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“CASBs provide a number of critical points of integration with the environment, and these integration points play an important role in preventing enterprise security delivery from becoming yet another silo.”

-Craig Lawson, Neil MacDonald and Brian Lowans, Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Access Security Brokers.


Enterprise security requirements are increasing every day and so is the sophistication of cyberattacks. Multiple technologies need to come together to address these requirements while also relieving our customers of the need to research and integrate solutions together. The CSTP program, designed based on customer feedback, brings together leading technologies to implement the best-in-class security solutions while enabling customers to maximize the value of their existing technology investments.

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Broad coverage

Coverage across leading vendors in key categories including cloud and on-premises proxies, threat protection, IDaaS, SIEM, DLP, MDM, and DRM

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Seamless integration

Established integrations that customers can leverage quickly without having to spend time and resources on deployment and testing

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Comprehensive protection

Technologies functioning in an integrated manner to provide security spanning across users, devices, data to cover the enterprise network

“AirWatch is dedicated to delivering the most complete and secure enterprise mobility management platform to our customers. Collaborating with CASB solutions like McAfee, further helps IT embrace the mobile-cloud era and drive business transformation. Together, we can simplify user, device and cloud application management for our mutual customers.”

Erik Frieberg, VP of Marketing, End-User Computing

“This partnership fortifies the inside out approach to security, both on premise and in the cloud across users, at the endpoints, for privilege accounts and high value assets.”

Ryan Stolte, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

“The partnership between BitSight and McAfee is highly beneficial for our joint customers. BitSight Security Ratings provide organizations with continuous, data-driven measurements of security performance on third party vendors, enabling McAfee's customers to better prioritize and manage risks across their cloud service providers and beyond.”

Stephen Boyer, Co-Founder and CTO

“Our partnership with McAfee means that end users benefit from password-free access to SaaS apps, while privileged users and IT benefit from maximum visibility and monitoring of app usage and suspicious behavior to ensure security is not compromised.”

Bill Mann, Chief Product Officer

“This partnership brings together the leading CASB provider with the leading next generation firewall and threat prevention provider to deliver the best of both worlds: the cloud user experience employees want and the cloud security controls IT needs.”

Alon Kantor, VP Business Development

“We are excited to partner with McAfee, an emerging leader in the CASB space. By leveraging Cyphort’s behavior analysis, McAfee customers can ensure that their cloud services will be protected from advanced threats.”

Anthony James, VP Product and Marketing

“Enterprises want to monitor and secure cloud services as an integral part of their security intelligence plans. The combination of Exabeam’s market-leading user behavior analytics and McAfee’s cloud access security broker provides organizations with full insight into risk and the ability to respond effectively and automatically.”

Ted Plumis, VP Alliances

“We are excited to continue to grow our strategic technology relationship and data security offerings with the Partner Program by providing customers with complete control of their data and ownership of their encryption keys with Gemalto’s industry-leading encryption and key management offerings.”

David Etue, VP of Business Development

“McAfee’s unique alliance program, combined with Juniper’s software-defined secure networks portfolio, offers enterprise customers greater security and risk management for cloud applications. Juniper Networks is pleased to contribute and deliver innovative security solutions through the new Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) integrated ecosystem.”

Mihir Maniar, Vice President of Security Products

“LogRhythm is very pleased to be working with a leader like McAfee, and we are proud to be a founding partner in McAfee's Partner Program.”

Matthew Winter, VP of Corporate and Business Development

“The partnership between McAfee and Okta delivers a unified solution to secure user, device, and data across the entire cloud adoption lifecycle so our joint customers can easily access thousands of applications, while at the same time seamlessly enforcing their security, compliance, and governance requirements. Our integration with McAfee helps us to continue to give our customers access to the best tools available so they can do their work easily and securely.”

Chuck Fontana, VP of Alliances and Corporate Development

“The partnership between McAfee's cloud security software and OneLogin's cloud IAM solution delivers a powerful cloud data security solution that meets security standards for large enterprises across all industries. We're excited to join McAfee's CSTP Program and see tremendous benefits for our joint customers.”

Josh Greene, VP of Sales and Business Development

“Working with Cloud Access Security Broker leaders like McAfee gives our global enterprise customers confidence to enforce the security policies and compliance requirements to fully embrace today's cloud services.”

Fawad Zakariya, VP Business Development

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the partner ecosystem to secure all forms of data no matter where it travels. Teaming up with McAfee means companies everywhere can be sure that their data is protected anywhere it goes, inside the firewall and beyond. Together we can offer game-changing, zero-friction encryption for data in motion, at rest, and in use.”

Robin Daniels, CRO

“Beyond our cloud firewall, sandbox and secure web gateway, the partnership with McAfee brings their cloud access security broker to deliver a comprehensive solution for joint customers to securely embrace the cloud.”

Manoj Apte, SVP Product Management


Benefits to Customers

Accelerate time to deployment

Meet complex enterprise security requirements using multiple solutions quickly and efficiently. If solutions are integrated out of the box, customers don’t have to expend resources in integrating multiple components and testing them. They receive an integrated solution that has been tried and tested across several enterprises.

Maximize value

Several customers already have comprehensive on-premises security components and workflows. As they look to expand this infrastructure to accommodate new trends such as cloud adoption, BYOD and third-party collaboration, they have more flexibility to select products that deliver security capabilities while leveraging already established technologies and workflows.

Select enterprise-grade solutions

Companies looking to deploy new security solutions often don’t have time to comprehensively evaluate different options and assess compatibility with their own IT systems. The CSTP program helps in informing these decisions by providing companies with thoroughly tested, certified and integrated solutions.

Build security expertise

The CSTP program provides customers with a collection of best practices, integration guides and joint references collected from across hundreds of deployments and enables them to increase their security expertise so they can better protect their systems and data as they move to the cloud and onboard new solutions.

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