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The Skyhigh Cloud Security Platform enables IT to embrace cloud services while enforcing security, compliance, and governance policies

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Enable the Cloud Adoption Lifecycle

The Skyhigh Cloud Security Platform supports the entire cloud adoption lifecycle for shadow IT and sanctioned IT, providing unparalleled visibility, usage analytics, and policy enforcement. With Skyhigh you can empower employees to use cloud services that help grow the business while seamlessly enforcing your organization’s data security, compliance, and governance policies.


Understand the scope of cloud usage within your company, including which cloud services are in use, their associated risk, and where sensitive data is stored.

  • Identify all Saas, PaaS, and IaaS services in use
  • Understand the risk of each service
  • Quantify and benchmark risk with peers
  • Standardize and consolidate subscriptions
  • Identify sensitive or regulated data in the cloud


Identify inconsistent policies across egress devices, detect security breaches, and consolidate services to lower costs and improve collaboration.

  • Remediate inconsistent cloud policy enforcement
  • Identify anomalies indicative of security breaches
  • Detect compromised accounts and insider threats
  • Capture a detailed audit trail of all user actions
  • Audit license utilization and reduce “shelfware”


Enforce security policies across all cloud services – whether shadow IT or sanctioned IT – to meet security, compliance, and governance requirements.

  • Enforce consistent policies with existing infrastructure
  • Coach employees to enterprise-ready services
  • Enforce access and collaboration control policies
  • Extend existing DLP policies to the cloud
  • Encrypt structured and unstructured data

Download the Datasheet

Download the Cloud Security Platform datasheet for a complete list of product capabilities.

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Download the Datasheet

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Skyhigh Products

  • Skyhigh for Shadow IT

    Gain visibility into cloud services in use, threat detection, and real-time policy enforcement

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  • Skyhigh for Salesforce

    Enforce DLP and encryption policies to meet regulatory requirements

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  • Skyhigh for Office 365

    Enforce DLP policies and gain a comprehensive overview of Office 365 usage

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  • Skyhigh for Box

    Extend enterprise DLP policies to data in Box and enforce collaboration control

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  • Skyhigh for ServiceNow

    Encrypt data and gain visibility into ServiceNow usage to prevent misuse

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  • Skyhigh for Jive

    Encrypt data in Jive with enterprise-owned keys and enforce DLP policies

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  • Skyhigh for Dropbox

    Enforce data loss prevention policies and detect anomalous activity

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  • Skyhigh for Google Drive

    Extend data loss prevention policies to data in Google Drive and audit all usage

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The Skyhigh Difference

  • The network effect from 500+ enterprises

    Skyhigh derives cloud usage intelligence from 21M+ users, ensuring the industry's largest cloud registry and most accurate data analytics.

  • Breadth and depth of functionality

    Skyhigh's platform-based approach to cloud security ensures the broadest set of features across more than 14,000 cloud services.

  • Leverage existing infrastructure

    Skyhigh offers closed-loop remediation with firewalls, proxies, and DLP systems and seamlessly integrates with SSO and KMIP solutions.

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