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Skyhigh enables organizations to embrace cloud services with unparalleled visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection.

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  • Skyhigh for Shadow IT

    Gain visibility into cloud services in use, threat detection, and real-time policy enforcement

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  • Skyhigh for Salesforce

    Enforce DLP and encryption policies to meet regulatory requirements

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  • Skyhigh for Office 365

    Enforce DLP policies and gain a comprehensive overview of Office 365 usage

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  • Skyhigh for Box

    Extend enterprise DLP policies to data in Box and enforce collaboration control

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  • Skyhigh for ServiceNow

    Encrypt data and gain visibility into ServiceNow usage to prevent misuse

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  • Skyhigh for Dropbox

    Enforce data loss prevention policies and detect anomalous activity

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  • Skyhigh for Google Drive

    Extend data loss prevention policies to data in Google Drive and audit all usage

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