Cloud Security Products

Skyhigh enables organizations to embrace cloud services with unparalleled visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection.

Skyhigh for Shadow IT

Gain visibility into cloud services in use, threat detection, and real-time policy enforcement

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Skyhigh for Office 365

Enforce DLP policies and gain a comprehensive overview of Office 365 usage

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Skyhigh for Box

Extend enterprise DLP policies to data in Box and enforce collaboration control

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Skyhigh for Salesforce

Enforce DLP and encryption policies to meet regulatory requirements

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Skyhigh for ServiceNow

Encrypt data and gain visibility into ServiceNow usage to prevent misuse

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Skyhigh for Dropbox

Enforce data loss prevention policies and detect anomalous activity

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Skyhigh for Google Drive

Extend data loss prevention policies to data in Google Drive and audit all usage

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