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Visibility, Compliance and Protection Across your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Environment

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MVISION Cloud for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was designed with security as a core design component. While GCP manages security of the cloud, security in the cloud is the responsibility of the customer. How do you make your move to Google Cloud Platform  without increasing the risk of a security breach? Using McAfee MVISION Cloud for Google Cloud Platform, customers gain visibility into security and compliance risks across their GCP environment and can quickly identify threats, misconfigurations and act on them before they result in a breach or data loss.

See McAfee’s CASB solution in action

Learn how to secure your Google Cloud Platform with a CASB solution.  Watch this demo video to see how you can easily integrate McAfee’s MVISION Cloud with GCP Cloud Security Command Center for improved security insights.


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Download the McAfee MVISION Cloud for Google Cloud Platform datasheet for a complete list of product capabilities.

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McAfee Security Features for Google Cloud

Security configuration and compliance audit

Audit the configuration of GCP services to identify settings that are insecure or non-compliant and recommend corrective measures.

Activity monitoring

Capture a complete audit trail of all user activity enriched with threat intelligence to facilitate post- incident forensic investigations.

Threat Protection

Detect threats from compromised accounts, insider threats and privileged access misuse.

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