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Enable use of Microsoft's signature productivity tools anywhere while meeting Office 365 security, compliance, and governance requirements

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Protect against internal and external threats to data in Office 365

Skyhigh captures a complete record of all user activity in Office 365 and leverages machine learning to analyze activity across multiple heuristics and accurately detect threats. As a comprehensive cloud security platform, Skyhigh can detect cross-cloud threats. In response, Skyhigh takes immediate action to suspend access or force multi-factor authentication to reinforce Office 365 security.

  • Insider threats

    Skyhigh automatically constructs a behavior model with dynamic and continuously updated thresholds for each user and team to identify activity indicative of insider threat, whether the threat is accidental or malicious. In response, Skyhigh can alert security admins and terminate access. Privileged User Analytics identifies risk from dormant administrator accounts, excessive permissions, and unnecessary escalation of privileges and user provisioning.

  • Compromised accounts

    Skyhigh detects compromised account activity in Office 365 based on brute force login attempts, logins from new and untrusted locations for a specific user, and consecutive login attempts from two locations in a time period that implies impossible travel. In real time, Skyhigh responds to threats and protects data by requiring additional authentication factors. Darknet Intelligence reveals user accounts for sale online that are at risk of compromise.

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Office 365 data loss prevention

Office 365 data loss prevention

Skyhigh enforces DLP policies for data at rest and in motion to ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies. Skyhigh supports rules based on keywords, data identifiers, and regular expressions. Enforcement actions include alerting, tombstoning, blocking, and quarantining. Leverage pre-built industry templates, create custom policies in Skyhigh, or leverage policies in an existing on-premises DLP solution.

  • Unified DLP reporting and remediation

    Skyhigh reports on DLP violations in all Office 365 applications and other cloud services in a unified interface. During review, if a file does not violate a policy, the reviewer can rollback the remediation action to restore the file and/or its sharing permissions. Quarantined files are stored in a secure account within Office 365, not in Skyhigh’s platform, for added security.

  • Flexible DLP platform

    Skyhigh can integrate with leading on-premises DLP solutions from Symantec, EMC RSA, Intel McAfee, and Websense to enforce existing DLP policies. Skyhigh brokers content inspection by on-premises solutions, acts as an enforcement point to apply actions to files in the cloud, and registers enforcement actions in the on-premises DLP solution that maintains the policy.

Analyze sharing and enforce collaboration policies

Skyhigh audits collaboration activity and visually summarizes all sharing events within the organization, with partners, with personal emails, and via untraceable shared links. Secure Collaboration enforces collaboration policies based on sharing activity and document content, and can take action by modifying permissions and links.

Analyze sharing and enforce collaboration policies

“Using Skyhigh along with Microsoft Graph, companies can leverage the massive productivity gains enabled by Office 365 while meeting their various compliance, threat protection and data security requirements.”

Rob Lefferts, General Manager, Extensibility at Microsoft

“Skyhigh helps us securely enable high-impact cloud services like Office 365 while ensuring data security and compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.”

Mark Dunkerley, Manager of Messaging, Mobile and Video Services

“Skyhigh allows us to extend DLP outside the perimeter and into the cloud, and the user experience is seamless.”

Mike Benson, Chief Information Officer

“When IT can bring the audit committee and executive members together and they are comfortable using the cloud, it is huge. Skyhigh is mitigating and lowering risk. It's a fact.”

Jeff Haskill, Chief Information Security Officer

Make Office 365 your corporate standard

Skyhigh identifies all file sharing and collaboration solutions that employees use in place of the corporate standard, Office 365, and provides a risk rating for each service. Using Skyhigh, you can enforce risk-based governance controls and coach users to Office 365 to improve collaboration while also reducing cost and risk.

Make Office 365 your corporate standard

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More than Office 365 security

Skyhigh Cloud Access Security Broker helps more than 600 enterprises enforce their security, compliance, and governance policies for over 20,000 cloud services, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more.

More than Office 365 security

Key Features

Threat Protection

Office 365 SOC

Delivers a threat protection dashboard and incident-response work flow for potential insider threats, privileged user threats, and compromised accounts.

Threat Modelling

Correlates multiple anomalous events within Office 365 or across Office 365 and other cloud services to accurately separate true threats from simple anomalies.

User Behavior Analytics

Automatically builds a self-learning model based on multiple heuristics and identifies patterns of activity indicative of a malicious or negligent insider threat.

Account Access Analytics

Analyzes login attempts to identify impossible cross-region access, brute-force attacks, and untrusted locations indicative of compromised accounts.

Privileged User Analytics

Identifies excessive user permissions, zombie administrator accounts, inappropriate access to data, and unwarranted escalation of privileges and user provisioning.

Configurable Sensitivity

Provides an adjustable sensitivity scale for each anomaly type with real-time preview showing the impact of a change on anomalies detected by the system.

Cloud Activity Monitoring

Provides a comprehensive audit trail of all user and administrator activities to support post-incident investigations and forensics.

Darknet Intelligence

Identifies stolen credentials acquired in phishing attacks and leaked from breached cloud services to reveal users and services at risk.


Shadow IT Discovery

Identifies any shadow IT cloud services employees are using in place of the corporate standard, OneDrive, Yammer, and SharePoint.

Coaching and Enforcement

Displays just-in-time coaching messages guiding users from unapproved services to Office 365 and enforces granular policies such as read-only access.

On-Demand Data Scan

Identifies sensitive data stored at rest in Office 365 with the ability to schedule periodic scans based on date range, user, sharing status, and file size.

Usage Analytics

Identifies all users and groups accessing Office 365 and reveals which users are accessing sensitive data.

Collaboration Analytics

Visually summarizes sharing with third-party business partners, personal emails, and internal users and reports on policy exceptions.


Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Enforces DLP policies based on data identifiers, keywords, and regular expressions across data stored at rest and data uploaded or shared in real time.

Next Generation DLP Engine

Provides a native cloud DLP engine designed for DLP, resulting in greater accuracy and fewer false positives/negatives than third-party engines built for search.

Multi-Tier Remediation

Provides multiple options including coach user, notify administrator, block, encrypt, quarantine, tombstone, and delete and enables tiered response based on severity.

Policy Violation Management

Offers a unified interface to review DLP violations, take manual action, and rollback an automatic remediation action to restore a file and its permissions.

Hit Highlighting

Displays an excerpt with content that triggered a violation to understand its context. Enterprises, not Skyhigh, store excerpts, meeting stringent privacy requirements.

Email Coaching

Delivers customizable email notifications to end users in response to policy violations to coach them on appropriate Office 365 usage.

Secure Collaboration

Enforces external sharing policies based on domain whitelist/blacklist and content and educates users on acceptable collaboration policies.

Pre-Built DLP Templates

Provides out-of-the-box DLP templates and a broad range of international data identifiers to help identify sensitive content such as PII, PHI, or IP.

Closed-Loop Policy Enforcement

Optionally leverages policies in on-premises DLP systems, enforce policies, and registers enforcement actions in the DLP system where the policy is managed.

Two-Pass Assessment

Optionally performs a first pass DLP assessment in the cloud before downloading potential violations to an on-premises DLP system for evaluation and reporting.

Data Security

Contextual Access Control

Enables on-premises and mobile access control policies based on user, device, activity, and geography with coarse blocking and granular view, edit, and download permissions.

Contextual Authentication

Forces additional authentication steps in real-time via integration with identity management solutions based on pre-defined access control policies.

Unmanaged Device Control

Enforces distinct access policies for managed and unmanaged devices by integrating with EMM/MDM solutions and registering and fingerprinting unmanaged devices

Multimode Encryption

Identifies and encrypts existing data found in Office 365 and transparently encrypts new data uploaded to the cloud in real time.

Searchable Symmetric Encryption

Encrypts unstructured data and leverages advancements in encrypted search indexes to enable end-user search without compromising security.


Enterprise Connector

Collects logs from firewalls, proxies, and SIEMs, integrates with directory services via LDAP, and tokenizes sensitive data before uploading to the cloud.

Integration with Firewalls / Proxies

Provides script, API, and ICAP-based integration allowing you to enforce access and security policies consistently across your existing firewalls and proxies.

Integration with On-Premises DLP

Provides integration and closed-loop remediation with existing on-premises DLP solutions such as Symantec, EMC RSA, Intel McAfee, and Websense.

Integration with SIEMs

Combines Skyhigh anomaly and event data with events from other systems and leverage your existing incident remediation process.

Integration with Key Management Systems

Seamlessly integrates with your existing key management systems using KMIP to encrypt data with enterprise-controlled keys.

Flexible Deployment Options

Offers the ability to deploy Skyhigh in the cloud, on premises as a virtual appliance, or in a hybrid model.

Seamless IDM Integration

Integrates with identity management (IDM) solutions, enabling pervasive and seamless policy enforcement, and contextual authentication.

Integration with EMM/MDM

Integrates with enterprise mobility management solutions to enforce access control policies based on whitelisted devices and EMM certificates.

Total Coverage Architecture

Leverages a complete coverage model including log collection, proxy chaining, packet capture, API, and reverse proxy deployment modes to support all cloud access scenarios.

Skyhigh is the #1 CASB

  • Product Capabilities

    We deliver the most comprehensive set of CASB functions across all cloud services and access scenarios.

  • Customer Success

    Our customer retention rate is the highest in the industry and the direct result of our obsessive customer focus.

  • Market Validation

    Skyhigh is proven at over 600 enterprises with more than 30 million users, including 40% of the Fortune 500.

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