Skyhigh for Shadow IT

Take control of employee-led cloud adoption with visibility into all cloud services in use, threat detection, and real-time policy enforcement

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Discover all cloud services in use

Uncover all cloud services in use including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, and understand usage with detailed statistics including service access count, upload and download volume, and user count. Proactively enable services in highest demand and keep current on cloud usage and risk with pre-built or custom reports based on service category, risk, usage, and time.

  • Understand and reduce your cloud risk

    Understand usage of 20,000+ cloud services catalogued in Skyhigh’s Cloud Registry. Assess each service with Skyhigh’s CloudTrust Rating, which provides a 1-10 risk rating based on 50 attributes developed with the Cloud Security Alliance. New cloud services are continuously added, and the network effect across 30 million users ensures the largest and most accurate registry.

  • Accelerate cloud service security assessments

    Make data-driven decisions and respond to service requests in hours (versus weeks) using Skyhigh’s Cloud Registry and Skyhigh’s CloudTrust Ratings. Skyhigh’s Cloud Risk Dashboard quantifies risk, provides benchmarks across departments and with peers in the industry, tracks changes to risk over time, and provides actionable recommendations to reduce risk.

Download the Datasheet

Download the Skyhigh for Shadow IT datasheet for a complete list of product capabilities.

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Download the Datasheet
Detect security breaches and insider threats

Detect security breaches and insider threats

Leverage machine-learning algorithms to identify anomalous behavior including excessive access and data exfiltration events. The network effect across 30 million users results in fewer false positives, reducing wasted time and effort.

  • Take action with event alerting

    Configure immediate or periodic email alerts for anomalous events and respond immediately to an incident and limit exposure. Receive alerts of security breaches and immediately notify users, reducing risk to the organization.

  • Your shadow IT security operations center

    Manage cloud security from a unified dashboard and gain visibility into how content flows inside and outside your organization. All incidents can be fed into your existing SIEMs for consistent reporting and remediation.

“What we needed was visibility. We really had to answer the tough questions: what are we using the cloud for, what's our data doing, where's it moving to, and who has access to it?”

Jeff Haskill, Chief Information Security Officer

“What we needed was granular visibility into what our users were doing and the ability to provide policy controls for different business units.”

Paul Dumbleton, Infrastructure Security Engineering Manager

“Skyhigh gives us the visibility we need to monitor web service usage, block high-risk services and coach users to enterprise-ready alternatives.”

Robert Webb, Chief Information Technology Officer

“Skyhigh integrates with our existing firewalls so that we can intelligently block the services we want to block, but also use that opportunity to educate users.”

Mike Bartholomy, Senior Manager of Information Security

“Skyhigh allows us to extend DLP outside the perimeter and into the cloud and the user experience is seamless.”

Mike Benson, Chief Information Officer

“Skyhigh is unique in the marketplace because it allows us to understand our cloud footprint and enforce appropriate use policies around cloud services.”

Kevin Winter, Chief Information Officer

Reduce costs by consolidating redundant cloud services

Leverage Skyhigh’s usage analytics and risk rating to identify redundant services and guide users to enterprise-sanctioned services. Standardization within categories reduces cost and risk while increasing collaboration and productivity.

Reduce costs by consolidating redundant cloud services

Find and close policy enforcement gaps

Uncover gaps in policy enforcement due to inconsistent configuration across egress devices, exception sprawl, and new URLs for cloud services. With Skyhigh’s closed-loop remediation, you can eliminate gaps and enforce consistent policies globally leveraging your existing firewalls and proxies.

  • Coach users to low-risk services

    Implement access control policies based on risk including allow, block, coach users, or enable read-only access. Provide real-time coaching to drive users to low-risk services without generating calls to the IT help desk.

  • Leverage existing egress infrastructure

    Implement policies leveraging your existing firewalls and proxies, versus a rip and replace approach. Avoid the hassle of deploying additional agents on endpoint devices and ensure consistent policies on- and off-network.

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Privacy Policy

Extend DLP to the cloud

Ensure compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA-HITECH, GLBA, SOX, CIPA, FISMA, and FERPA and internal data governance policies. Leverage pre-built, vertical-specific templates or extend policies from existing on-premise DLP systems such as Symantec, EMC RSA, Intel McAfee, and Websense.

Extend DLP to the cloud

Key Features


Cloud Registry

Delivers a comprehensive registry of cloud services, including thousands of services uncategorized by firewalls and proxies.

CloudTrust Ratings

Assigns a risk rating for each service based on 50 attributes. Modify attribute weights and add custom attributes to generate personalized ratings.

Cloud Usage Analytics

Visually summarizes key usage statistics including the number of cloud services in use, traffic patterns, access count, and usage over time.

Cloud Service Governance

Provides a proven workflow for processing large volumes of cloud service approval requests and a consolidated database to track and manage all approved services.

CloudRisk Dashboard

Provides an enterprise Cloud Risk Score aggregated from service, user, data, business, and legal risk, and includes risk benchmarks and trends over time.

Cloud Enforcement Gap Analysis

Presents allowed and denied statistics and highlights gaps in cloud policy enforcement along with recommendations to close gaps.

Coaching and Enforcement

Displays just-in-time coaching messages guiding users from unapproved services to sanctioned alternatives and enforces granular policies such as read-only access.

Customizable Views and Reporting

Delivers pre-built reports and enables users to create custom views and reports, schedule periodic email reports, and share with other Skyhigh users.

Threat Protection

Cloud SOC

Delivers a security intelligence dashboard and incident-response workflow for potential insider/privileged user threats, compromised accounts, and flight risks.

Cloud Activity Monitoring

Provides a comprehensive audit trail of all user and admin activities to support post-incident investigations and forensics.

User Behavior Analytics

Automatically builds a self-learning model based on multiple heuristics and identifies anomalies indicative of insider threat data exfiltration.

Data Exfiltration Analytics

Leverages machine learning to identify traffic patterns indicative of malware or botnets exfiltrating data from on-premises systems via shadow IT cloud services.

Darknet Intelligence

Identifies stolen credentials leaked from breached cloud services to reveal users and services at risk.


Sensitive Data Analytics

Provides a detailed and continuous view of sensitive data uploaded to cloud services including the type of content, the user who uploaded it, and the activity type.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Enforces DLP policies based on data identifiers, keywords, and regular expressions and supports alerting, blocking, and tombstoning actions.

Purpose-Built Native DLP Engine

Provides a native DLP engine designed specifically for DLP, resulting in greater accuracy and fewer false positives/negatives than third-party engines built for search.

Pre-Built DLP Templates

Provides out-of-the-box DLP templates for all major verticals and regulations and a broad range of international data identifiers to help identify sensitive content such as PII, PHI, or IP.

Enterprise-Class Remediation

Provides remediation options that include blocking or tombstoning and enables tiered response based on the severity of the violation.

Policy Violation Management

Offers a unified interface to both review and remediate all DLP and access control policy violations.

Data Security

Contextual Access Control

Enables on-premises and mobile access control policies based on user, device, activity, and geography with coarse blocking and granular view, edit, and download permissions.

Digital Rights Management

Defines a circle of trust for any document and enforces rights management policies through integration with DRM solutions.


Enterprise Connector

Collects logs from firewalls, proxies, SIEMs, and log aggregation products, integrates with LDAP solutions, and tokenizes sensitive data before uploading to the cloud.

Integration with Firewalls/Proxies

Provides script, API, and ICAP-based integration allowing you to enforce access and security policies consistently across your existing firewalls and proxies.

Integration with SIEMs

Combine Skyhigh anomaly and event data with events from other systems and leverage your existing incident remediation process.

Integration with MDM

Integrates with mobile device management solutions to enforce access control policies based on whitelisted devices and MDM certificates.

Email Alerts

Provides instantaneous or periodic emails for service events including, new breaches, threats or vulnerabilities and user events fine-tuned to a desired threshold.

On-Network and Off-Network Support

Supports on-network and off-network access without requiring additional agents.

Flexible Deployment Options

Offers the ability to deploy Skyhigh in the cloud, on premises as a virtual appliance, or in a hybrid model.

Comprehensive Deployment Architecture

Leverages a complete coverage model including log analysis, API integration, and inline forward and reverse proxy deployment to support all cloud access scenarios.

High Availability Infrastructure

Provides a 99.5% uptime SLA by leveraging a robust cloud infrastructure, ensuring continuous and performant access for all users across the globe.

Skyhigh is the #1 CASB

  • Product Capabilities

    We deliver the most comprehensive set of CASB functions across all cloud services and access scenarios.

  • Customer Success

    Our customer retention rate is the highest in the industry and the direct result of our obsessive customer focus.

  • Market Validation

    Skyhigh is proven at over 600 enterprises with more than 30 million users, including 40% of the Fortune 500.

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