RSA Conference 2017

February 13 - 17 • Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

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CSA Summit @ RSA

February 13 | 10:00 – 10:20am

Cloud Migration 2.0: Securing Data in Home-Built IaaS Applications

The path to the cloud may start with SaaS applications, but the destination for mature cloud programs includes IaaS and PaaS. Cloud-first companies want the performance and cost benefits of cloud for all their computing solutions. Enterprises have dozens or even hundreds of custom, home-built applications for employees, partners, and customers. Between code repositories, partner portals, and customer-facing systems, custom applications contain vital and sensitive data. Cloud companies invest more in infrastructure security than the vast majority of enterprises, but customers are responsible for preventing data leakage or theft. Before application teams move their home-built services to the cloud, security must ensure critical prerequisites are met.

While SaaS applications have out-of-box data security tools and integrations with third-party security providers, companies are on their own when it comes to IaaS and PaaS. Security teams do not have the engineering resources to develop homegrown security solutions for every home-built application. In this session, Stephen Ward, CISO of TIAA and Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Skyhigh Networks will share how CISOs are bridging the gap between application development and security teams to safely migrate their home-built applications to PaaS and IaaS environments. Specifically, we’ll share experiences implementing critical security capabilities like data loss prevention, activity monitoring, threat protection, and access control for custom applications in the cloud.


Steve Ward, CISO, TIAA
Rajiv Gupta, CEO, Skyhigh

RSA Theatre Sessions

Visit our booth to attend any of the below theatre sessions: Booth #1733 South Hall

Tuesday, February 14

Cloud Visionary Q&A – 11am
Speaker: Georges De Moura, Head of IT Security, Risk and Compliance, Etihad Airways

Cloud Visionary Q&A – 12pm
Speaker: Michael Roling, CISO, State of Missouri

Cloud Visionary Q&A – 1pm
Speaker: Andy Radle, Chief Architect of Cloud Security, HP Enterprises

Cloud Visionary Q&A – 1:40pm
Speaker: Maurice Stebila, CISO, Harman International

Skyhigh + Zscaler – 2:20pm
Speaker: Kevin Peterson, Security and Network Transformation Director, Zscaler

Cloud Visionary Q&A – 3:00pm
Speaker: Tom Filip, Sr. Network Security Team Lead, GE

Skyhigh + Slack – 3:40pm
Speaker: Britt Jameson, Product Manager, Slack

Securing Custom Apps on IaaS – 4:20pm
Speaker: Andy Oehler, Sr. Product Manager, Skyhigh

Cloud Threat Protection – 5pm
Speaker: Just Forrest, Associate Product Manager, Threat Protection, Skyhigh

Wednesday, February 15

Cloud DLP – 12:20pm
Speaker: Brendan Kelley, Director of Solution Architecture, Skyhigh

Cloud Visionary Q&A – 1pm
Speaker: Tom Filip, Sr. Network Security Team Lead, GE

Skyhigh + Salesforce Shield – 1:40pm
Speaker: Jari Salomaa, Director Product Management, Salesforce

Cloud Visionary Q&A – 2:20pm
Speaker: Frank Burdette, Policy and Compliance Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton

Securing AWS Usage – 3pm
Speaker: Santosh Raghuram, Director Product Management, Skyhigh

CASB Deployment Modes – 3:40pm
Speaker: Srini Gurrapu, VP Solutions Strategy, Skyhigh

Securing O365 – 4:20pm
Speaker: Srini Gurrapu, VP Solutions Strategy, Skyhigh

Skyhigh + Ionic
Speaker: Mike Bass, Head of Customer Strategy, Skyhigh

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