SaaS Security

Skyhigh’s SaaS security solution forms a virtual “cloud edge” that consistently and transparently secures corporate data in the cloud

How It Works

Determine cloud services in use and assess their risk

The first step to robust SaaS security is gaining visibility into what cloud services are in use across the organization and their associated risk. Skyhigh classifies thousands of cloud services, including all SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS sevices. Skyhigh also provides an objective 1-10 CloudTrust™ Rating of each service.

Analyze usage to drive better business performance

As the next step in enterprise-grade cloud security, Skyhigh analyzes the use of all cloud services to identify opportunities for IT to enable employees by subscribing to specific services, to reduce risk and costs by consolidating and better managing subscriptions, and to highlight anomalous behavior that may indicate a security breach, data leak, or compliance violation.

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Enforce security policies across cloud services

Skyhigh enforces the organization’s policies on the use of specific cloud services via contextual access control, encrypting data with customer managed keys, preventing sensitive data from being disclosed (e.g., PII, PHI), and providing a live log of all accesses and actions for forensic and compliance purposes.

“With Skyhigh we discovered a wide range of unauthorized services, allowing us to understand their associated risks and put in place policies to protect corporate data.”

Desmond Murray, Sr. Director Information Systems

Deliver an uncompromised user experience

Security that changes the user experience introduces friction, prompting users to find a way around it. Skyhigh transparently enforces SaaS security policies for mobile-to-cloud access to approved cloud services without requiring an agent on device or VPN to backhaul traffic through the network.