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Gain visibility into all cloud usage, assess the risk to the organization, and protect trade secrets and intellectual property with data loss prevention and encryption

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As the manufacturing sector continues to adopt cloud technology, a myriad of data security issues have arisen from both the outside and within. Technology is changing how manufacturers do business, but loss of intellectual property and trade secrets is becoming a significant concern as data move to the cloud. At the same time, the types of attacks directed at manufacturers are multiplying, and now include highly sophisticated state-sponsored attacks. Given the rapidly rising cost of data loss, manufacturing organizations need security controls to ensure data in the cloud is protected from theft or loss. McAfee helps you enforce your security and compliance policies so you can securely enable cloud services without putting your IP and trade secrets at risk.

How McAfee Helps

Gain complete visibility into the size and risk of cloud usage

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, manufacturing companies and their employees are constantly looking for a competitive edge. One way they achieve this is by using the cloud. However, there is a persistent data security risk that comes with employees using potentially risky and unsafe cloud services to achieve operational efficiencies. McAfee discovers all cloud services in use and provides detailed risk ratings for each service, enabling you to quickly understand the risk to your organization.

Safeguard your intellectual property and trade secrets from insider and state-sponsored threats

It’s no secret that state-sponsored cyber attacks are a growing threat as hackers attempt to steal trade secrets from manufacturing companies. Employees can also use cloud services in risky ways, unintentionally exposing data or taking data when they leave the company. McAfee’s behavioral analysis engine leverages machine learning to identify patterns of usage that may seem innocuous but actually signify an insider threat, privileged user threat, compromised account, or other external threat. Combined with data from SIEMs and other analysis tools, you get a complete picture of activity to identify and stop inadvertent or malicious loss of sensitive data.

Control information shared with suppliers, distributors, and other supply chain business partners

Since the manufacturing supply chain starts with sourcing the raw materials and extends all the way up to the retailer, sensitive data could easily be shared with the wrong partner. McAfee identifies collaboration with third-party business partners, assesses the risk of each partner, monitors data access, and reports on policy exceptions. Using McAfee, you can enforce your sharing and collaboration policies to restrict the sharing of sensitive data in ways that can expose the organization to risk.

Find and close enforcement gaps

Many companies block certain high-risk services as defined by their data security policies. However, these policies are often inconsistently applied due to the introduction of new cloud service URLs, inconsistent policies across firewalls and proxies, and exception sprawl. McAfee identifies these policy enforcement gaps and leverages your existing firewall and proxy infrastructure to close them – via user coaching, allowing partial access such as read-only access, and blocking.

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