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Cloud Governance

Gain continuous visibility into cloud usage and risk, understand data leaving the organization, identify gaps in policy enforcement, and enforce governance policies

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Continuous visibility into cloud usage and risk

Skyhigh CASB continuously discovers cloud service usage, and with the world’s largest and most accurate Cloud Registry, customers know they have a complete view into all cloud services in use, including thousands of services uncategorized by firewalls and web proxies. Skyhigh reveals enterprise-grade services in demand that can be enabled, redundant services that can be consolidated to reduce cost and improve collaboration, and high-risk services that should be avoided.

Enable cloud services in demand

Skyhigh visually summarizes access patterns over time, including which users and departments use which cloud services and where corporate data is flowing. Pre-built and custom reports provide insight into cloud services in demand by end users so IT can proactively enable the business with tools that drive productivity.

Quantify risk from cloud usage

Skyhigh calculates a personalized enterprise Cloud Risk Score based on the risk of cloud services in use and user activity. Cross-department and industry benchmarks enable you to assess the level of risk across the company and with peers. Track changes to risk over time to quantify the impact of enforcement actions.

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“Skyhigh is unique in the marketplace because it allows us to understand our cloud footprint and enforce appropriate use policies around cloud services.”

Kevin Winter, Chief Information Officer

“Skyhigh gives us the visibility we need to monitor web service usage, block high-risk services and coach users to enterprise-ready alternatives.”

Robert Webb, Chief Information Technology Officer

“What we needed was visibility. We really had to answer the tough questions: what are we using the cloud for, what's our data doing, where's it moving to, and who has access to it?”

Jeff Haskill, Chief Information Security Officer

“Skyhigh provided granular visibility into what our users were doing and the ability to provide policy controls for different business units.”

Paul Dumbleton, Infrastructure Security Engineering Manager

“Skyhigh has helped us provide better service. I can change my approach from blocking to one of detect, respond, and educate.”

Michael Keithley, Chief Information Officer

Accelerate cloud service security assessments

Skyhigh reduces the time required to assess a cloud service’s security controls, compliance certifications, and terms of use from weeks to minutes and enables risk-based governance policies leveraging the industry’s largest cloud service registry.

Comprehensive cloud registry

Skyhigh’s Service Intelligence Team maintains a comprehensive and continuously updated registry of over 20,000 cloud services that classifies services into over 30 granular categories. As new cloud services come online and services add new URLs, Skyhigh tracks changes in a central database available to all customers.

Customizable risk assessments

Skyhigh performs detailed risk assessments on cloud services across 50 attributes of enterprise readiness and calculates a 1-10 CloudTrust Rating. By selecting attributes of risk that are most important, IT security teams can generate customized risk ratings tailored to their organization’s requirements.

Enforce comprehensive cloud governance policies

Skyhigh streamlines cloud service requests, delivering an end-to-end cloud service governance workflow to process requests, maintain an up-to-date approval status for each service, and enforce risk-based governance policies.

End-to-end governance workflow

Skyhigh’s governance workflow enables IT security teams to track user requests, view historical approval decisions, evaluate cloud services using Skyhigh’s Cloud Registry, and notify end users of approval decisions automatically. As cloud providers introduce new security capabilities that decrease risk, Skyhigh flags these changes so IT security teams can re-evaluate a previously requested service.

Granular policies and coaching

Skyhigh’s governance workflow enables IT teams to categories all services as approved, permitted, or denied and enforce granular access policies for each. Enforcement actions include coarse-level allow/block and fine-grain actions such as allowing users to access the service and view content, but disabling post or upload actions. Skyhigh can display real-time coaching messages directing users to an approved alternative if they attempt to access a prohibited service.

Identify sensitive data uploaded or shared outside of policy

Skyhigh scans cloud services to identify sensitive or regulated data that was uploaded outside of corporate policies. Skyhigh can also identify overly broad sharing permissions and shared links that create a risk of data loss.

Find and close policy enforcement gaps

Skyhigh discovers gaps in firewall and proxy policy enforcement due to incomplete categorization, newly introduced cloud provider URLs, inconsistent policies across egress infrastructure, and overly broad exceptions and integrates with your existing firewalls and proxies to eliminate these enforcement gaps.

Key Features

Cloud Registry

Provides the world’s largest and most accurate registry of cloud services, including thousands of services uncategorized by firewalls and proxies.

CloudTrust Ratings

Assigns a risk rating for each service based on 50 attributes. Modify attribute weights and add custom attributes to generate personalized ratings.

Cloud Usage Analytics

Visually summarizes key usage statistics including the number of cloud services in use, traffic patterns, access count, and usage over time.

Cloud Service Governance

Provides a proven workflow to automatically or manually assign services into groups based on risk criteria and enforce acceptable use policies.

Cloud Enforcement Gap Analysis

Presents allowed and denied statistics and highlights gaps in cloud policy enforcement along with recommendations to close gaps.

Coaching and Enforcement

Displays just-in-time coaching messages guiding users from unapproved services to sanctioned alternatives and enforces granular policies such as read-only access.

Customizable Views and Reporting

Delivers pre-built reports and enables users to create custom views and reports, schedule periodic email reports, and download PDF, Excel, and CSV reports.

Activity Drilldown

Provides clickable drilldown to navigate from service-level upload statistics to granular user-level and event-level statistics with a complete activity feed for additional context.

On-Demand Data Scan

Identifies sensitive data stored at rest with the ability to schedule periodic scans and scan all data or target scans based on cloud service, date range, user, sharing status, and file size.

Collaboration Analytics

Visually summarizes sharing with third-party business partners, personal emails, and internal users and reports on policy exceptions.